Fat burning weight workout:

Part 2 gave you the serious lowdown on the workout components. Now we move to cardio and also a few helpful guidelines to ensure this brilliant workout really hits the spot for you and delivers results like no other!


With this workout, I have a specific cardio routine in place. I devised this plan to promote a tighter, more defined butt.

How to:

1. Start with a 5-10-minute warm up jog and then come to the bottom of a hill.  Run about 100 yards up the hill as fast as possible, jog to the bottom slowly, then side-step your way up the hill with your right leg leading.

2. Jog back down normally, then side-step with your left leg leading.  Jog back down and run up backwards.  Jog back down and run forward again.  Repeat this entire sequence 12 to 15 times and finish with a light 5-10-minute cool down jog on flat ground.

Tips and Hints: As with the weight training routine, wear the gravity belt or weighted vest with your cardio sessions. Remember to start off light and gradually add more weight every week.

Closing Ceremonies: Perform both the weight training and cardio routines three times a week on alternating days of each other. On your “off” day, feel free to do something light or moderate like walking in the park, going for a nice hike or going for a bike ride. Keep the resistance off for this session.

Rest breaks between sets

You will notice I’ve given you 45-second rest breaks between sets.  Take the same amount of rest between exercises.  For example, when you finish your squat thrust and presses, rest 45 seconds then go on to your next exercise.

I use 45 seconds as a rule of thumb.  This timeframe is not etched in stone.  When you first start, you might have to rest for more like 60 seconds. That’s cool.  As you get into better shape, gradually decrease your rest breaks.

You also have the option of throwing in active recovery breaks such as jumping rope, stepping up and down on a small box, doing single foot balances or walking in place.

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Music to pump up your workout

Before you exercise, make sure to stock your iPod with good tunes.  Listening to pumping music has been scientifically proven to power people through tough workouts.  Choice is entirely your own of course and different things work for different people, but I suggest cool songs like: Poker Face by Lady Gaga, Your Love Is My Drug by Keisha, Courtney Love by Nerf Herder, For Whom the Bell Tolls by Metallica, Bababababa by Mr. T. Experience, Made in America by Toby Keith, Hot and Cold by Katy Perry and Diavolo In Me by Zucchero and Co.

Wear the correct shoes – or don’t wear any

Personally I love to work out in bare feet.  If you are at home, do this at will.  If you go to a gym, you will most likely not be allowed to workout barefoot.  I may disagree but rules are rules!

In this case, I recommend sneakers with the flattest, thinnest soles you can find.  Your goal is to get your heels as close to the floor as possible.  Converse makes affordable, stylish sneakers called All Stars that fit the bill just fine, as do similar styles of shoe.

Minimalist shoes are even thinner, but a bit more pricey.  They would also cause me to give you a complete lesson on how to use them, which is a whole other project that I don’t want to get into right now.

If you do have any more questions about barefoot fitness or minimalist shoes, let me know and I’ll answer them to the best of my ability.

Wow, this 3-parter felt a bit like an epic novel! Give this workout a spin and for4-6 weeks and watch the magic happen.  If you need further assistance with anything, let me know and I’ll do my best to lead you through the valley of darkness!

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