It’s the Holiday Season!

That means lots of family, friends and food. Oh the food! With all the get togethers, it can be easy to forego your exercise regimen. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

You can beat the battle of the bulge this holiday season. And you don’t have to spend hours upon hours in the gym to do so. With the addition of a few exercises into your program, you can burn fat this festive season.



For each of the exercises, you want to select a weight that is going to be challenging, but allows you to maintain proper form.

Selecting a weight that is too heavy can increase your risk of injury and selecting a weight that is too light can lead to lackluster results. You want to push yourself to new heights with this workout.

To burn fat, you have to challenge your body. So bring on the weights!


These exercises are compound movements, meaning they work multiple muscle groups at once. This is great for fast fat burning because the more muscles that you use, the more calories you burn. That being said, they are going to fatigue you.

You only want to take as much rest as you need to successfully complete your next set.

Taking too much rest will decrease the amount of calories and fat you burn during your workout, thus decreasing the amount of fat you are burning.


Kettlebell swings

Kettlebell swings are an excellent fat burning exercise. Be sure that you are engaging your posterior chain (hamstrings and glutes) and that you are swinging the weight as opposed to squatting and lifting the kettlebell. This will ensure maximal caloric burn.

fat burning exercises_2Step up to press to reverse lunge

The step up to press to reverse lunge is an awesome total body fat burning exercise. Be sure you keep your knees right over your ankles on the steps and lunges to ensure proper form.

Lateral lunge with row

Be sure with your lateral lunge you are leaning back on your bent leg and sticking your hips out to the back. This will help you to engage your core and backside while the row engages your upper body.

Push press

The push press lets you use a little heavier weight with shoulder work because the legs help you create the movement. Be sure to keep your core tight as you complete this exercise to properly transfer forces between your upper and lower body.

Squat thrust

In between each squat thrust, you can add a push up that will increase the intensity and burn fat even faster!

Incorporate cardio

These are total body exercises, so it is best to give your muscles at least one day in between to rest and recover. On that “rest” day, you can incorporate cardio interval training to help take your fat burning to the next level.

New to exercise?

If you are new to exercise or interval training, start with a work to rest ratio of 1:3, meaning you recover for three times the amount of time of your hard interval.

For example: increase intensity for 20 seconds, the recover for 60 seconds. As you become more fit, you can decrease your rest time or increase your works interval time.

I hope you enjoy these fat burning exercises for the festive season! Your body will thank you as you find you are needing smaller clothes this holiday! Try these exercises as part of your routine this week and feel stronger and leaner sooner!

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