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Skipping is a cost and time effective workout.


A rope costs less than £10 and you can do it virtually anywhere. I belive that it’s one of best fat burning cardio vascular workouts you’ll ever do.

There are so many benefits that not only will it improve the quality of your cardiovascular system but it will also improve tone in your legs and lower body.

Where I’m from the US, the American Heart Association endorses what we call ‘jump rope’ and uses it as a key fundraiser for heart research by encouraging millions of children to jump their way into great cardiovascular health.

Skipping can burn up to 1000 calories per hour and at least 400 calories per half an hour making it one of the best aerobic athletic workouts around.

When you first start skipping you may experience some soreness but eventually that soreness will fade away after your body gets used to the exercise.


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Sprinting is another form of cardio that’s great when it comes to optimal fat loss and I am a huge fan.

I incorporate sprints into my own weekly training routine. It increases your metabolic rate for days and keeps your metabolism firing throughout the week.

Not only is sprinting great for fat loss but it can sculpt your legs tremendously. When you are sprinting your accelerators are your quadriceps and your decelerators are your hamstrings. If you sprint for just 30 minutes you can burn anywhere from 400 to 500 calories.

Sprinting also works your entire core section. When you stand and lift your leg in the air you’ve just worked your abs in a leg raises motion so imagine sprinting 100m and how how much work your abs and back muscles are doing.

With a solid sprinting routine you could easily eliminate any abs exercise routine for the day. There have been many studies that have shown that sprinting is more effective for fat loss then low intensity cardio.

Researchers from Australia looked at 15 women who performed longer 45 minute cardio sessions and 15 who did high intensity intervals over a 15 week period.

The HIIT sprinting group lost 6 times more body-fat than the constant intensity group! This study, as well as many others, confirms that high intensity interval cardio sessions such as sprinting are very effective for fat loss.

Others benefits of HIIT Sprinting (and other forms of HIIT) is better at retaining lean muscle mass as longer slower cardio sessions can have a catabolic affect – this means that they can actually reduce muscle mass.

Ever wondered why distance runners are very thin?

It’s never easy to figure out what cardiovascular exercise works for your body to help you attain fat loss goals but if you implement sprinting or jump-roping and other such HIIT methods into your routines a couple times a week and combine that with a sensible diet and weight-training plan then you will be very well positioned to attaining your fat loss goals.

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