This fabulous flat stomach routine is designed to be short and intense. It really hits the spot, minimises time input and maximises the benefit output!

There are certain training goals that remain universally desireable, wherever people are, whether they are male, female, younger or older… And a fab flat and taught stomach is certainly one of them. The good news is that it IS achievable!

In less than 20 minutes you create a huge calorie after-burn to torch belly fat AND tone and flatten the stomach. When used alongside a protein and fibre rich diet that is low in sugar and starchy carbohydrates (banish the #beigedeadfood) I can assure you, you’ll see some amazing results in just one week. Really!


5 minute warm-up

Do so to wake up the core muscles and enable them to fire efficiently

Perform 1 minute of each exercise prior to starting the flat stomach routine:

1) Alternate leg reverse lunge with arms reaching up overhead.

2) Stand and step out to alternate side lunges and touch down with opposite hand and reach the other arm above the head.

3) Prisoner squat to calf raise.

4) Pilates roll down, walk hands out to push up (on knees if necessary) and walk hands back in to roll back up and repeat.

5) Mountain climber various planes (4 centre, 4 opposite elbow, 4 outside elbow and repeat)

Flat stomach workout routine-02

Fab flat stomach workout routine

Repeat this routine up to 4 times or until 20 minutes is complete. it is designed to make you rest. Stop when you need to and then simply pick up where you left off. If you are feeling the burn, sweating heavily and breathing hard you are doing it right. If that is not the case and you are finding it all rather comfortable, then aim to use heavier dumbbells:

1) 250m on the rowing machine at high intensity

2) 12 reps Plank DB row and reverse fly

Left side – In plank position, take the DB in your left hand. With your feet wide for support (the narrower the feet the harder it will be), draw the DB towards your hip squeezing the shoulder blade at the top of the movement. Pause at the top, lower slowly and then perform a reverse fly out to the side, pause and lower (1 rep).

3) 12 reps Plank DB row and reverse fly

Right side – as above but swap to right hand.

4) 12 Dumbbell burpees

Hold two DB’s to your sides. Place down in push up position and jump or step back and immediately jump or step back in jump at the top

5) 12 bench reverse curls

Lie on a weight bench, grab the top of the bench with your arms to use as an anchor. Then by using your lower abs, raise and curl the hips and lower body of the bench being careful not to use momentum to swing. Pause at the top and with control, lower back to starting position.

These are tried, tested and proven exercises that really will deliver the results you are after. If you apply yourself to these exercises, operate at the right intensity and ensure you are executing them properly at all times, you will attain the kind of mid-section that will be the envy of many others!


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