Getting in tiptop shape doesn’t always mean hitting the gym. Effective body weight exercises can be used in order to target problem areas to achieve the physique you want. Not convinced? Give these exercises a try to shape up this summer without the costly gym memberships.

Bear crawls – 60seconds x 3 with 30seconds rest in between sets

The bear crawl: This movement is one of the most painful exercises known to mankind. It involves crawling along the flaw on all fours like a bear. Focus on keeping your arms fully extended, whilst driving forward using your feet to push off from the ground.


Plyometric push-ups – 60seconds x 3 with 30seconds rest in between sets

Plyometric push-ups: This is a brilliant exercise for burning calories and building lean body mass around the upper chest area. Find a slightly raised surface no more than 16inches, perform one push up on the floor then push yourself up onto the raised surface in one explosive movement, once your hands hit the raised surface perform another push up and return to the floor to perform the movement again.

Mountain climbers – 60seconds x 3 with 30seconds rest in between sets

Mountain climbers: These are great for building up a sweat. Starting on your hands and knees, bring your left foot directly under your chest whilst extending your right leg, keep switching from right leg to left leg in order to really feel the burn.

Alternative plank – 60seconds x 3 with 30seconds rest in between sets

Alternative plank: You’ve all heard of the plank, but have you heard of the full plank? Full plank consists of holding your self in the start of a push up position with your arms fully extended. For alternative planks start in the plank position, push your body upwards into to full plank, then return to the normal plank. Repeat this movement continuously for an awesome core and shoulder burn.

Clock push-ups – 60seconds x 3 with 30seconds rest in between sets

Clock push-ups: Try these for a great upper body burn. Start by performing a normal push up, once you fully complete the movement, rotate your whole body clockwise and perform another push up. Keep this movement going until you complete a full circle simulating the shape of a clock. 

Combine these with a fat shred diet plan for maximum fat annihilation on all problem areas!

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