In this article I want to give you my 5 secret top tips to slimmer thighs and my favorite exercises to help.

We have used these tips for many years with our clients and they have been able to slim down their thighs to they can feel more confident in their clothing.

Especially those skinny jeans!


Every angle

Before we get on to the tips at all first I want you to look at your thighs from as many angles as you can. Your going to notice that they look different shapes and sizes from each angle.

I bet they look the “biggest” when you are looking down at them.

This is often the usual view we get out our thighs. Try getting a friend to take some pictures of your thighs from all angles this will give you a better idea of what they really look like, and perhaps give you a better perception of them.

We can often think negatively about our bodies so having a good honest look may help you first.

Favorite exercises….

Here are some key exercises I recommend if you’re looking to slim down your thighs.

1. Running

You may of heard the saying “run those legs off,” it is true that long distance cardio is one, a great way of burning those calories off, and two, at reducing your body fat %.

You don’t tend to see a marathon runner with big thighs.

2. Squats

You may be thinking that squats will increase the size of your thighs. Yes it is true if you tend to lift heavy weights and have long rest periods. So keep the weights light and the reps high, with minimal rest – say 30-45 seconds.

3. Walking lunges

As with the squat you will need to keep the weights light and the reps high. This ensures that the legs are moving all the time.

4. Skipping

I love this exercise as it focuses the mind onto jumping over that rope, it keeps it fun. But a word of warning its not as easy as when you were five!

There are also lots of different variations you can do to keep you interested and build up a real skill to it.

5. Brisk walking

Waking is great for all levels of fitness, plus it is good for your mindset too. This is one way that my wife Laura toned her legs in prep for her body building competition.

Plus, add in an audio book and you can learn something while you are working out!

exercises to slimmer thighs_2Top tips

As we are trying to reduce the size of our thigh we need to be careful that we don’t increase our muscle size too much. This is not the aim of the game.

I have 2 ways to attack this:

1) We can either under stimulate the muscles so they don’t grow.

2) Or we can over stimulate them so they don’t have enough time to grow.

(As you may know that the only time our muscles grow is when we rest but that’s another subject for another day)

When I say over stimulate them I mean by working them with low resistance for a long period of time. By doing this we can work your thighs most days.

Don’t get me wrong, we do need rest to recover but if we keep the stimulus low we don’t need as much rest.

Top 10 run down

Here is a top ten run down of my tips incorporating the tips above to consider when trying to slim down your thighs.

1. Clean up your diet reduce all the rubbish from it. All the processed foods. These will ensure that you are holding water which if you are a female can lead to viable cellulite in this area.

2. Cut the alcohol. I remember doing an experiment with a client who wanted to go out have a night with the girls on the town, which involved alcohol. We measured her legs before she went and then after. In total she gained 5cm width on each leg from just one night. This did disperse but the difference was noticeable.

3. Reduce the stress. Keep this low to prevent cortisol levels.

4. Keep the intensity low, as explained above.

5. Reduce the rest time, as explained above.

6. Under stimulate or over stimulate the muscles, as explained above.

7. Keep the resistance light, as explained above.

8. Reduce salt levels. Excess salt in our diet means that we will be holding water again this can appear as cellulite in this area.

9. Stay hydrated, it’s very important to keep your skin looking in tip top condition.

10. Have a deep tissue massage. Flush out all those toxins and get them moving with a massage.

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