What are the best exercises to slim down your hips?

Exercising your legs or doing exercises that require your legs is the best exercise you can do to lose weight and tone your body and hips.

This is because your legs are the biggest muscle you have in your body and do require more energy than any other muscle. Before we get to the exercises that tone your hips, I want to help you understand why the myth of isolating or targeting fat on the body is just that – a myth.


Isolation exercises are not the best for burning fat

We all want your attention. I want your attention, the personal trainer wants your attention, the “magic lotion” seller wants your attention. Our job is to convince you that our product or our services are the ones that are going to work for you.

Therefore, we use all our strategies to convince you to buy from us. Now the question is, do we want to help you and exchange real value for your money, or do I just want your money by offering you something “easy” that will deliver what you want?

The reality is that there is not an exercise out there or method that will isolate fat on your body.

Let me show you some logic.

How does your body use fat for energy?

The body uses Adenosine Tri Phosphate (ATP) as energy. Fat is one of the nutrients that is converted into ATP for the body to use as energy. Fat is stored on your entire body, some people store it evenly, others in mostly their hips and others in their stomach.

When you do any exercise, let’s use your hips, for example, by doing squats, your body will extract fat from your whole body, not only your hips, to deliver it to the liver to convert it into ATP and then it will be delivered to the working muscle. In other words, you will lose weight evenly on your body.

Follow an effective weight loss program

Therefore to slim your hips, your stomach or your body in general, you will need to follow an effective weight loss program.

(I recommend you focus on your eating habits, cardiovascular training, strength training and mental health. I have found out that this is the most effective way to slim down your hips).

exercises to slim down your hips_2

The best exercises to slim down your hips

Once you are using an effective weight loss program, if you want to tone your hips and legs, here are some exercises that are guaranteed to tone your hips and legs:

– Lunges; front lunges, reverse lunges, jumping lunges, walking lunges
– Bulgarian split squats
– One leg squat
– Romanian deadlift
– Deadlift
– Step ups
– Jumping squats

Benefits of compound exercises

These exercises will target all big muscle groups, such as the gluteus maximum, gluteus minimus, gluteus medius, leg abductors and adductors, quadriceps and hamstrings.

In addition, I will recommend that you learn more about weight lifting periodization, if you are looking to tone your hips.

My job is to help you save time in your life and help you reach your goal quickly. Find a healthy and effective weight loss program, follow these exercises and your hips will get slim and toned.

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