Want to get rid of any jiggle in your upper legs?

Try these exercise performed as a circuit, i.e., one exercise performed after the other with no rest in between exercises.

Begin with 1 circuit of 12-15 repetitions on each exercise the first week and progress up to 3 circuits after 3 weeks.


When you can perform 3 circuits of 15 repetitions, increase the resistance to the next level.

Keep progressing until your legs are rock solid and all of the jiggles are out of your upper legs.

exercises for upper legs_1

LEG EXTENSIONS Adjust the seat so your knees are in line with the center of the cam on the machine and your back is supported. The crossbar pads should be close to your feet, wherever is comfortable.  Keep your toes pointed up towards your shins and extend your legs up to full lockout.  Stop just before the weights touch on the return and repeat. Quadriceps.
GLUTE/HAM ISO HOLD Place a rolled up towel or foam roller under your stomach so it’s comfortable to breathe.  Keep your knees straight and toes towards the shin and lift your legs off the floor as high as possible.  Hold for 90 seconds.  Place the towel or roller so that your upper body remains on the floor. Erector Spinae, Glutes, Hamstrings. Shoulder girdle.
ONE-LEG SQUATS With your feet shoulder width, toes straight ahead or slightly out.  Keep your belly button pulled in, abdominals tight and your back in a natural arch.  Keep your head straight and your eyes looking up to help keep your back arched.  Place one foot behind you (so you are in a straddle position) at a comfortable distance.  You may place the rear leg on a block if it’s more comfortable.   Using the front leg, lower your hips and bend your knee making sure it travels in line with the first two toes but does not travel in front of your toes.  Keep your weight centered on the foot, not going up on the toes or back on the heels.  Make sure your hips descend at the same rate the knees are bending.  Stop just before the back knee touches the floor and return to the upright position.  Repeat with the other leg. Quadriceps, Gluteus Maximus, Hamstrings. Abdominals, Spinal Erectors, Upper/Mid back, Arms, Calves, Adductors / Abductors.
SEATED CALF RAISES In a seated position, with your knees at a ninety- degree angle, place the balls of your feet on a block.  Rise up on your toes as far as possible. Then let your heels down until a stretch is felt on the back of your legs. Soleus. Gastrocnemius.
TRX HIP AB/ADDUCTION With the TRX strap attached to a high, immovable object, adjust the straps so the handles are just below your knees.  Place your toes through the straps to hold your feet in the air and get into a push-up position.  Bring your legs together so your feet touch.  Then bring your feet apart as wide as possible and repeat.  Keep the belly button pulled in tight, shoulder blades held down, and neck straight.  Perform for the correct number of repetitions. Abductors, Adductors, Core. Sartorius, Shoulder Girdle, Triceps.
BALL LEG CURLS Lie on the floor on your back and place your heels on top of a stability ball.  Keep your belly button pulled in tight and lift your hips off the floor so your hips and body are in a straight line.  Curl your heels into your butt as far as you can and return to legs straight.  Repeat for the correct number of repetitions. Hamstrings, Calves. Hips, Abdominals, Core.

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