Want to feel like a MAN?

Guys, if you are reading this you might want to keep reading ’til you get to the end. Ladies, don’t feel left out. I’m sure you know a man out there you can share this with.

So what exercises should every man do? Is there a magic set of moves that will give you an advantage?


In fitness today we are bombarded by multiple facts and theories about what exercises are right for us. It can be difficult to know if an exercise is doing what you want it to do. So let’s have a look at this..

What is exercise?

The word exercise means ‘activity requiring physical effort, carried out to sustain or improve health and fitness’. Knowing this simple definition, we will now dig deeper into the selection of exercises than men should do to either sustain or improve ones body.

Why should every man do certain exercises?

Apart from the obvious, there are multiple structural differences between both genders. Having spoken to the males out there, it seems as though some exercises do not carry the same results.

Ultimately, a female skeleton is shaped differently to a male.

Knowing this, for the male to improve their health and fitness, focus should be applied in a different way to enhance parts of the body responsible for promoting the male identity and function.

Here some key exercises for men that will improve your abilities and your manhood.

exercises for men_2Exercises that build strength

I’m going to share with you seven exercises that I believe every man should do. Primarily for strength but some it will provide more added valuable benefits.

1. Deadlifts

We are always lifting something off the ground, and at some point it will be something heavy. We know the problems that exist through poor or inconsistent technique to picking things up.

Focusing on getting stronger

The deadlift is an exercise that recruits all the major muscles in lifting something of the floor or where you have to bend down. The legs, glutes, back, and abdominals in terms of size and function would make lifting anything off the floor impossible if one of these muscle groups failed. So practice deadlifts in your workout.

Make them heavy!

If you make sure that you are competent or are assisted in technique with a deadlift, its arguable that this is one exercise that can indicate how strong you really are, so load those plates but wisely.

2. Squats

I’d like to believe you’re reading this as a man who already trains his legs. Now, I don’t mean just running or playing football.

We are talking strength in this section, so squatting exercises usually with weights strengthens the legs primarily, but the back and abdominals have just as much to gain.

Throughout the movement in a squat, the back and the abdominal muscles are fiercely engaged to keep the weight in a stable position while you are moving. This exercise, when practiced with good technique, will provide you will a firm powerful base and posture to stand in or to move off from.

3. Lunges

We all see the ladies doing lunges to get their booty on point (be honest guys you have). Lunges recruit the legs, abdominals, back primarily and then the shoulders and arms.

Because the legs are split, the emphasis shifts to stability as well as resistance and strength.

It’s now about controlling the resistance also. Extra muscular activity is activated in the core and pelvic area. These are primarily the differences between the male and female body in an organic sense.

Lunging with weights for men will certainly improve pelvic flexibility, movement and organic performance in this area of the body.

It doesn’t stop here.. look out for Part 2 tomorrow to discover the other 4 exercises that will benefit every man. 

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