Yesterday, in Part 1, I introduced you to the first three exercises I believe every man should be adding to their training. Here are my final four…

4. Famers Walk

The farmers walk might be a exercise you don’t hear much about. Many men do it, but just don’t know its name.


So what is the Farmers Walk?

In simple terms it is picking up equal weights in each hand from a deadlift and walking a prescribed distance or to fitness failure. This probably is the most functional exercise you will ever do.

We do it everyday in normal life or we see it in a Strongman event. Ever had to carry the shopping up those stairs? That’s one version of a Famers Walk!!

Include this in your workout. Don’t knock its simplicity!

If you really want to get strong this exercise cannot fail. Total body strength, function and stamina can be achieved all in this one movement.

5. Pull-Ups

From the waist up our back is the largest the part of our upper body, however its many muscles are working as one. Even when we do exercises that target parts of the back, the other muscles are still getting a taste of the work.

The Pull-Up also recruits the shoulders and the arms. It’s the total upper body strengthener. Not only will you be stronger when you are pulling something, you will look better doing it.

The back and shoulder muscles are what creates the ‘V’ shape that we hear is so attractive.

It’s the ratio between the width of the shoulders and the width of the waist. A wider back and thicker shoulders give the appearance of a small waist.

Make this exercise a staple in your upper body workouts. Add weights for an extra challenge and stronger back.

6. Push-Ups

Exercises every man must do!

I may shock some of you by choosing push ups over bench or chest press.

It’s easy to explain: push-ups primarily are body weight exercise but with supervision, weight plates can be placed on your back to provide extra resistance.

When you perform a push up it’s a functional exercise. As men we push things every day. We some times push heavy things. Pushing recruits the chest, back and arms, even when you’re on your feet. The push-up cleverly isolates the upper body so no energy is wasted in the legs and abdominals apart from the muscles isometric function.

Practice weighted push-ups as opposed to the bench. Consider this!

When you push something in daily life, are you resting on something when you do it?

exercises for men_27. Pelvic Thrusts

OK guys, this exercise may look a little provocative in a public place, but if you happen to workout in the gym, and if you can overcome certain trains of thought, grab a mat and barbell and do some pelvic thrusts.

It might look funny but you will have the last laugh.

This exercise hits the core the lower back, glutes and legs. Not only that it recruits the smaller network of other muscles deeper with the abdomen and hips region for example the pc muscle that supports organs in your pelvic area.


I have chosen exercises for men that strengthen the foundation. Basic movement or function becomes improved and can provide more energy for men to work better physically.

These exercises utilise the major muscles in a compound movement.

Although the function and result of these exercises make you stronger, they also provide a secondary workout in a biological sense making the biological function of a man more improved. Not only better in the gym or at work, but better in bed, better looking and in a better mood due to the release of certain hormones.

So a new, improved you?

If this is your mindset, add these exercises to your routine. If you’re new to them, ask a fitness instructor to assist you with your technique. These exercises can do more harm than good if performed continually wrong.

If you’re already doing them, I’m sure you can testify that they work. I use these exercises on myself and male clients even if we do nothing else.

So if you want to learn or know more about my perspective on health and fitness get in touch and I’ll be happy to share. Happy New Year 🙂

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