We have all grown to love the jokes about those pockets of flab that hang loosely down on your sides known as love handles.

But there really is nothing funny about them. Although they may strategically develop in an area favorable for grasping onto during bedroom activity, they can also cause quite a bit of embarrassment.

That’s where this activity known as “exercise” can stop by and save the day.


Let’s be realistic. The best way to lose love handles or fat of any kind is by following a healthy diet, cutting back on calories and getting your buns in gear with exercise. As with anything else, there is a right and wrong way to exercise. Follow my advice and you won’t be disappointed.

Start with cardiovascular training.

Cardiovascular training is an absolute must when it comes to melting away love handles. That’s because cardio promotes weight loss through your entire body and spot reduction is impossible.

The type is not important as long as it’s something you enjoy and are capable of doing. In other words, if you hate running, then don’t run. If you have a knee injury and can’t endure impact, then do something safer on your joints like swimming.

It’s not mandatory to do interval trai

Vary your tempo.

ning, but I can tell you this much; it will get rid of your love handles a lot faster than slow and steady cardio. Start your workouts at a light tempo then increase your intensity until you are going all out. Stay there as long as you can while still using good form, then come down to a low intensity to recover.

Bounce back and forth for the entirety of your workout and finish with a light cooldown.

Feel free to experiment with your ratios of high to low intensity. A simple 2-to-1 ratio is easiest to follow where you double your low intensity time.

For example, step on the gas for 30 seconds and go light for 60. Ideally, 20 minutes of intervals sandwiched between a five-minute warm-up and five-minute cooldown should suffice.

Include weight training.

Weight training is a very important aspect of love handle abolishment. It works kind of like this. Add muscle to your body and your metabolism will increase. If you burn more calories around the clock, then you will watch your love handles disappear at a faster pace.

You don’t need to be uber fancy with your workouts. Just make sure to target all of your major muscles and don’t be afraid to use sizable weights. If they’re too light, do you really think you will gain muscle?  It’s not very likely.

Perform exercises to work your obliques.

exercise to lose love handles2

The obliques are the muscles that lie beneath the layers of flub on your sides. Just doing specific oblique exercises without the other steps will only make your love handles more pronounced and ugly because the muscles will get bigger and push the fat outward. That’s not cool!

You especially want to stay away from the typical side bend exercise while holding a dumbbell that people love to do for some reason. They work best at fattening up your sides—or at least giving the illusion that your sides are fatter than they are.

Opt for cooler, more effective moves that involve mobility like Russian twists, cable rotations, medicine ball chops, hanging angled knee raises, log rolls and side dip leg raises.

Use proper form.

I trust at this point in the game you know what proper form is. When it comes to weight training specifically, it means never use momentum, always move through a full range of motion and hold your contractions for a full second at the midpoint of each exercise.

When it comes to cardio, do not slouch or slump over on a machine, keep your eyes forward and maintain an upright posture. And this applies to all forms of cardio, regardless if it is running, biking, elliptical training or sitting up and down in a chair for 30 minutes straight!

Exercise on the reg.

Working out once a week isn’t going to get it done. Aim for at least five days of training a week, with three of those days being cardio and two being weight training. Feel free to throw in another weight training day too if you’d like. It doesn’t matter if you do your oblique exercises after your cardio sessions or weight training. Just make sure to do them.

For my closing thoughts, stay cool, be patient and remember that it only takes a small pebble to create ripples across an entire pond.

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