Why tailoring a workout to your personality is important…

You’ve probably heard time and again about matching exercise workouts to a certain purpose, whether that’s a particular sport, improving a particular muscle group or adapting to a particular schedule. Well there’s another match we might want to take a look at – our own self!

That’s right! Why wouldn’t we try to build a program around our very own tendencies, our likes and dislikes, our abilities, our motivating factors, and suchlike? It just makes sense to include this in that planning consideration.


The reason this might be important is that exercise is an effort, both in planning and execution. Getting motivated for an occasional hike, bicycle ride, or group activity is easy. But the fact is, we need to exercise consistently so it would do some good to tailor a program that we will actually sustain.

Truth is, this consistency is one of the major factors in a successful exercise program, so the more fine-tuned it is to our own self, the more likely it is to succeed. Very important! So let’s take a look at just what we need to adapt.

Program Plan and Program Execution

1) Program Plan

The very first thing involved in exercise is the actual setting up of the exercise. Take a look at your daily schedule. WHEN can we exercise? Some like mornings, others like afternoons or evenings. Find the opening in your schedule that you like best, and fill it. Little tip here: life throws you curve balls! Any “schedule” can take a hit at times. If that happens, don’t sweat it…just pick right back up and get on with it.

2) Program Execution

Take a look at your own body. Are you shorter, stocky and muscular? Long and lean? We know that different body types exist and each of us find success with slightly tailored exercise movements. Powerfully built bodies are quite often accompanied by a desire to use more weight resistance and explosive movements like powerlifts. Those with more long and lean muscular builds might feel better with lighter, endurance-focused movements.

Regardless of what we are, we want to take note of that, and put a bit of focus on what we tend to like and find gratification in.

Movement suggestions based on personality preferences…

For the more muscular folks: look toward “compound” movements involving multiple joints where you can really crank up the weight. This might include Squats, Deadlifts, Power Cleans, Plyometrics, Bench Press, Jumping/Bounding, and Sprinting.

For the long and lean crowd, this might include more “single-joint” movements like leg extensions/curls, chest flyes, shoulder lateral raises, and less-intense movements like stationary lunges, rowing, upper arm biceps curls and triceps extensions.

exercise moves_2

There are a host of movements out there. We spend a lot of time talking about which movements are the most effective but the reality is that we will probably end up doing just what we like and just what satisfies us. Examine this situation and set up your program to match your own personality and its unique set of attributes.

If you need to hire professional help, then hire a good trainer who can set that up for you. Doesn’t take a lot of time or money frankly, and you will definitely see better results once you find a good fit!

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