We are all more restricted than perhaps we have ever been, most of us have more time on our hands. So what better opportunity to work on our fitness? And it’s not just because we need something to do – it is vital for our health.

This has been emphatically supported and promoted by the UK government’s Chief Medical Adviser Chris Whitty. During a recent live Q&A session he stated that being physically active “is very important for longterm health”.

Those of us who have worked in the industry for many years will have attempted time and time again to come up with a quick, neat, concise and effective way of saying why exercise is a good thing. Well, I think Chris Whitty nailed it when he said; “There is no situation, there is no age, there is no condition where exercise is not a good thing”.

Strongest endorsement for exercise

The Chief Medical Officer for England added, “Anything that can be done to encourage and allow people to exercise is clearly a good thing. In this period, in which people are in lockdown, that might mean exercising indoors and there are lots of things people can do in their houses.”

Making it a family business…


Home exercise is seeing something of a boom out of necessity. Lots of online workout classes are being given and whole families are joining in which is great. I have been an active advocate of kids’ exercise and family participation for many years, so this is great to see, even if has taken a crisis!

Exercise in lockdown will hopefully become a perfectly normal way of life for many more people once we are through to the other side of this. 

There can never be too much when it comes to spreading the message of exercise and its importance to our health and wellbeing, and having Chris Whitty speak out so publicly and clearly is a great thing.

He also said; “One of the very limited reasons we allowed for leaving the house and still be protecting the NHS and saving lives, was for exercise. And the reason for that is exercise is one of the best possible things you can do.

“There are a number of citizens who are either older or have existing health conditions, these people are shielding – preventing a situation where they come into contact with someone who could pass on this virus. And that is a very important thing for them to do. But we would definitely want those who are shielding to exercise too, so the message for them is to exercise indoors.

“Also, care staff and those who are living with vulnerable people have to be aware of the dangers of coming into contact with the virus. But I certainly want to stress the point that, wherever possible, people should be taking exercise. This is very important for long-term health.”

Fit to Fight!

Other official health bodies have been putting out the message that, while fitness is not a defense from contracting Covid-19, it is certainly a huge factor in battling the virus and recovery rates.

The current extreme circumstances are highlighting something that is actually always there and very simple – Exercise is good for you, fitness is crucial to our health and wellbeing.

So, stay in and socially distance for as long as we are directed to, but let’s exercise in lockdown. Working out in the comfort and privacy of your own space… No excuses!

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