Do the same and stay the same

A common problem with people is trying to change their body shape while emotionally attached to the same group of movements or routines they’ve been doing for years. It’s a trainer’s job to strengthen your weaknesses and get the right  exercise for your body shape, a workout that’s injury free and helps you achieve the best shape of your life or increase performance. Hopefully the whole shebang!

I know people like to go shopping for body parts, but let’s bring out the natural body you possess. I guarantee losing a bit of body fat, improving posture and gaining a bit of muscle will make you happier than chasing someone else’s body. Your genetics may not take you there and you may get disappointed. Instead focus on being the best self you can be.


Start thinking about training outside the boxas most training phases have a 4-6 week expiry date. If you’ve been doing the same 3 sets of 12 reps for 6 months, that’s a problem. You may have seen some initial results, but low and behold that plateau will sneak up on you, and that’s when you have to be smart and complex with your training


How to choose your next phase of exercise for your body shape

If you’ve only been lifting slow and heavy add some power in the mix and work capacity training (try a HIIT workout or modified strongman classes if you’re unsure how to achieve this) this will wake up your fast twitch muscle fibres and cause some neural adaptation not to mention get the heart pumping!

Moves like Box jumps, Olympic lifts, sled drags/pushes, burpees, rope climbs, squat jumps etc could take you through to that next level. If you are currently doing a running plan and run constant pace for the same distance each week the same rule applies. To get results and change shapeyou need to incorporate some new variables. Try Hill sprints, Fartlek, track, or treadmill intervals to mix it up. Also be mindful of mixing your strength routine:

If you’ve been doing too much split training consisting of mostly isolated exercises, try spending time on improving your compound lifts. Work on your Deadlift techniques, squats, chins and presses.

So there you go, don’t be afraid to try something new. It may seem alien at first, but that’s the whole point. You’re literally re-programming your body. Have fun!

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