You cannot out-train bad eating habits. Exercise is about more than looking sexy to others who are not happy with themselves.  Eating healthier, training often, and avoiding stress are just as vital. It’s harder to workout when we have kids, but making them a part of workouts will teach them a healthy lifestyle and help you find time to stay fit.

Exercise for toning depends on what experience you may have, and if that program works for you at your fitness level before you do other things to challenge your mind and body.

We do not need much equipment to tone our muscles.  We must utilize different angles, speeds and intensities to tone the body the way that we want and to have so much fun.  Challenge yourself as best as you can with every workout.


If you are not able to challenge yourself as much as you want or need then add at least one workout partner who will challenge you to do and be better.  If the training partner does not work call or text me for sessions.  I do many different things with my clients regardless of age.

Any exercise I mention in this article you do at your own risk and I am not liable for any injury to anyone.  Get in contact with me before you do this stuff to prevent injury and add fun.


Different angles and speeds that you can handle.  If needed you can add resistance.  You also have the option of doing them one hand at a time, 1 leg at a time, 1 leg and 1 arm combination. Have your little one count your push-ups, or clap along with you to give you the rhythm to push yourself further.
This strengthens and tones your chest, shoulders, triceps and abdominals at the same time.  Have a contest to see who can do more push-ups between you and at least one other person.


Many variations of this exercise.  This is an exercise to tone your thighs, calves and booty primarily.  Again, not much if any equipment needed to do this.  Squats both work the previously mentioned muscles, and can be done inside, outside, on your own or with at least one partner.

You can do these things with your kids including toddlers, if you can hold your infant during squats.  Also if you can do it safely, press the baby above your head. Even if they’re too heavy for you, there are creative ways to watch your kids and make fitness a part of their lifestyle from the beginning.

I offer one on one, group and online training with nutrition.  Programs based on your goals even if you are in a group.  Sessions are to be completed in 4 weeks.  Earn a free month when 3 new people sign up for training with me from your referral.

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