Achieving and maintaining mental and physical health should be a long term for everyone.

With the advancements of today’s medicine and public health, people are living and fuller lives. Why not improve your quality of life by participating in an exercise program?

Why you should include exercise in your life?

Aging is a normal inevitable process for everyone. The deteriorating of our physical and mental health is mostly optional. Unfortunately it is true, if you don’t use it, you lose it.

For seniors, staying physically active and or exercise for thirty minutes a day, six days a week is incredibly important.

Physiological changes

For individuals over the age of fifty, there are physiological changes that are occurring. Our bodies lose muscle mass, muscular strength and endurance. We see a decrease in bone density, body weight and an increase body fat.

Psychologically there is a decrease in short term memory and increase chance or bouts with anxiety or depression.

Still reading? Great.

We cannot stop what it is normal process of life, but we can certainly delay and slow the aging process to a crawl.

The health benefits

Let’s take a turn away from negative town. Here is the good news, seniors who exercise regularly there significant physiological and mental health benefits. By participating in exercise thirty minutes a day, at six days a week we can maximize quality of life and slow the aging process.

Exercises that are important for seniors are strength training, stretching and cardio.

Strength training for seniors is recommended two to three days per week. Multi-joint movements are the most efficient and functional strength exercises.

What exercises to do

Some great examples are body squat, walking lunge, seated chest press and a standing cable row. With multi-joint strength exercises, you increase muscular strength and endurance, increase or sustain muscle mass and improve motor coordination and balance.

exercise for seniors_2Incorporating cardio into your exercise routine, you can improve or maintain cardiopulmonary and cardiovascular health and improve stress management.

Great cardio equipment suggestions are an elliptical, stationary or recumbent bike and treadmill.

For seniors, exercising does not have to be an all-day event as well

If you are just starting out, 20-30 minutes is more than enough time. Allow your body to adapt to the routine, and allow yourself to make exercising regularly a routine.

For strength training, four to five exercises will more than suffice.

Keep your sets to two, repetitions to ten, rest time to forty-five seconds to one minute. When performing cardio, start off with ten to fifteen minutes at a low intensity. During this time, less is more and the most important goal is to build and establish a solid routine.

“No pain, no gain,” does not apply here!”

A better way of life

The aging process in life should be a graceful and dignified process. Sedentary behavior is a major factor to accelerate this stage of our lives. Our bodies are designed to move and crave to stay physically active.

For seniors, exercising regularly is potent way to fight off sedentary behavior and improve quality of life. Stay tuned, for I will have training programs listed for seniors to get started.

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