The holidays usually equate to more time indoors.  More time sitting.  More time snacking and overeating.  And as a result, added weight.  For people genetically enhanced with a pear-shape body build, this added fat grows around the hips and buttocks area first.

In addition, the increased time sitting leads to a weakening of the core muscle groups, and can cause low back and hip pain.  Fortunately there are effective ways to help alleviate this occurrence–right from your own home.

As with any program, it’s important to warm up properly.  I suggest a couple dynamic warm-up movements like swinging your legs front to back 15 times, and side to side 15 times, per direction.  Hold onto a chair for support, focus on keeping your core tight for balance, but letting your leg swing freely.


Then, alternate pulling your knees to your chest, using your hands, keeping your toe pointed up.  You can do this walking across the floor or standing in place.  Finally, squat to a low stool or chair with your feet a little wider than shoulder width, barely touching your behind to the surface before standing back up.  Repeat 10 times.

Now that you are warm, we can begin to work into a circuit of exercises focused on working the hips.  Choose one type of exercise from each column in the chart below to make up your own workout series.

Pick number of rounds you will do+1 Cardiovascular Exercise+1 Plyometric Exercise+1 Strengthening Exercise+1 Isometric Exercise per session.  The combinations are endless for switching up your routine 2-3 days a week.  Feel free to add more reps and rounds as your strength and endurance improves.

No. of Rounds






30 High Knee Jog (in place) 10 Squat Jumps 20 Step Ups (10 per leg) :30-:60+ sec. Wall Sit Hold


50 Jumping Jacks 10 Split Jump Lunges 20 Squats :30-:60+ sec. Flutter Kicks


30 Butt Kicks (in place) 10 Jump +Reach to a target overhead 20 Walking Lunges :30-:60+ sec. Plank Hold


5×10 feet shuttle run (back and forth) 10 Speed Skater’s 25 Glute Bridges 15 Superman +2 sec. hold at top

Walk around the house to cool down, immediately following your workout series.  Using a foam roller to massage out the quads, hip flexors, lower back, and buttocks is a great way to help prevent soreness and fatigue.  Static stretching is also helpful.

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