So, you want a flat stomach, do you? Well, depending on how far away from one you are, it may take you a while to get there. Fortunately, I’ll let you in on a fitness industry secret: The one full-body exercise for a flat stomach you NEED to do to attain one in record time!

Now, I have to admit that with so many to choose from, I was in a quandary for a while trying to find the perfect exercise for a flat stomach to share with you. Luckily, it dawned on me during one of my own personal workouts the other day. Drumroll please…

 The Deadlift

The ONE full-body exercise for a flat stomach you NEED to do IS: The DEADLIFT! ‘Really,’ you might be thinking. ‘Why is that?’ Glad you asked! The deadlift is one of the few exercises out there that burns fat like crazy while working practically every single muscle in your body.

Also, getting this movement down will help you in your day-to-day life. ‘How’s that,’ you ask? Before I go into detail as to how to perform a Deadlift both properly and safely, let me explain why form for this movement is so important.

Have you ever blown out your back when lifting something off of the ground? Poor form when performing this incredibly functional movement (whether in the gym or outside of it) can result in debilitating injury. The crazy thing is that the object you’re picking up off of the ground doesn’t even have to be heavy!

Between you and me, I once had a client tell me that he threw out his back picking up a newspaper off the ground while on the toilet. So please, read my instructions about how to perform a Deadlift below CAREFULLY before incorporating it into your workout routine.

1. Deadlift Starting Position

As you can see in the picture below, the Deadlift begins in what we call the ‘Angry Gorilla’ position. That is, chest up, arms straight on the grounded bar/dumbbells, knees tracking out and heels on the ground. Already, we’re in a squatting position, working our quads to stay low to the ground and our core to keep our torso upright. ‘

exercise for a flat stomach_2

2. Deadlift Finish Position

Next, we drive through our heels, squeezing our butts as we stand completely upright. By doing this, the tension transfers from the front of our legs (quads) to the back of our legs (hamstrings and glutes), as well as from the front of our core (psoas, abdominals and obliques) to the back (low back to mid-back). After performing the first rep, we return to the starting position, again transferring tension from the muscles on the back of our body to the front.

exercise for a flat stomach_3

Oh, and your arms? While they’re just there to lever the weight(s) up and down during the Deadlift, your shoulders are constantly under tension when lifting the weights to and from the ground. Don’t believe that the deadlift is a full body exercise for a flat stomach? Begin incorporating it into your workout routine once a week, and let me know how you feel.

If you don’t feel fatigue all over your body after performing a set of this full body exercise for a flat stomach, you’re probably doing it wrong. Remember to keep proper form when performing this (or any) resistance exercise to avoid potential injury. I wish you luck in your fat loss efforts.

Here’s to you getting that flat stomach you always wanted!

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