Here is a fun, quick, and targeted core routine utilizing an exercise ball (also known as the Swiss ball or stability ball) and your body weight, which will help you get leaner and increase your core strength

General guidelines

The participant should utilize a dynamic warm-up prior to executing the upper body workout. The participant should focus on triggering the primary muscles for each exercise in order to get the most out of this workout plan.


The sets per exercise should be three and the rep count could be 15-18 for toning and metabolic effect. The resistance level should be set based on the person’s threshold, how they are managing the resistance at the last three repetitions per set.

Why the plan is so great 

You do not need a lot of space. You do not need to invest in a lot of expensive equipment. The workout can be executed outdoors (weather permitting) or indoors (in the privacy of your home). The workout should take less than 25 minutes to complete.

The workout plan

1. Forward crunch

Sit up straight on the exercise ball at a point where the top of the ball is behind you. Next place your hands at your ears, inhale and then lower yourself back starting with the lower part of your spine working your way to a point where your torso is flat.

Now transition back to your starting point by first rolling your shoulders forward contracting your abs and start to exhale. Now raise your torso up and return to a straight up seated position, now that is one repetition, repeat for the desired amount of repetitions for a set.

2. Lower back extension 

Position yourself face down on the exercise ball, anchor your feet to a stationary object or brace them against a wall. Now move the ball back towards your hips to establish a leverage point, place your hands in front and below your face and clasp them together. With your torso draped over the ball, begin to lift up and let your arms rise up too and exhale.

Once you have extended return to a draped over the exercise ball position while inhaling, now that is one repetition, repeat for the desired amount of repetitions for a set.

Exercise ball workout

3. Lateral side crunch

Lying on the exercise ball on either your right or left hip in contact (a sideways position), set your feet against the wall and keep one leg on top of the other. Now extend your arms and place them over your head.

Now drape over the exercise ball in a sideways motion and inhale, after you reach a point of extension, stop and return to the starting position while exhaling, now that is one repetition, repeat for the desired amount of repetitions for one side then repeat for the other side, that will complete a set.

4. Knee tucks

Place yourself in a pushup prone position, then place both left and right shins on top of the exercise ball. Now stabilize your torso so that you are not swaying from side to side. Now flex your knees and tuck them towards your chest while the ball moves towards your upper body, exhale during the movement.

Once you have contracted to a point where you cannot move your knees forward, extend your knees and move your legs back out straight while inhaling that counts as one repetition, repeat for the desired amount of repetitions that will complete a set.

5. Reverse crunch

Place the exercise ball near a post or horizontal bar. Now sit on top of the ball, then lay back, reach for the support (post or horizontal bar), secure a good grip with both hands and your arms are extended. Check and make sure that the exercise ball is positioned in the small of your back.

Now extend your legs out, then flex the knees and draw your legs in and lift your lower back up and move your knees towards your face while exhaling. Return your legs back out to an extended position (do not let them touch the floor) while inhaling, that counts as one repetition, repeat for the desired amount of repetitions.

Tips to max results

– Remember to utilize the following preworkout hydration and nutrition with a ratio of 3:1 carbohydrates over protein and post workout nutrition and hydration with a ration of 3:1 protein over carbohydrates.

– Visualize the contraction of the muscles that you are exercising.

– Vary the days that you train when using this program.

– Change the order of exercise execution.

– Set up some short range goals as to what you want to achieve from using this program and how you will reward yourself for obtaining those goals!

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