It’s an unfortunate fact but the majority of us will have to have some sort of surgery in our lifetime.

How we deal with the situation and everything that may come with it will be paramount to coming out the other side in the best possible position to continue with life as normal or better in some cases. So how do we approach exercise after surgery?

Everyone is different so there is no all covering manual to success but through my lifetime of knowledge and expertise I hope to give you the tools to recover, recuperate and redefine yourself in what could be the worst of times.


State of mind

First things first we have to get our mind frame right. Negativity is the worst thing we could have at this time and the biggest barrier to any sort of recovery. No matter how bad the surgery is, having a negative mind could put you back months or forever. It’s not a risk worth taking and my advice is no matter how dark things seem finding the positives in every situation will help you pull through to the other side.

Keep it real…

Now we have our mind right we have to focus on being realistic when it comes to exercise after surgery. It’s not realistic to think you will be back to normality straightaway. Listen to your Doctors and the people there to help, start to get a time frame together that will allow the rehabilitation to start.

This is the starting point of your journey  back to exercise. No doubt you will be given rehabilitation exercises, these should be your primary focus to start with as these will be the stepping stones to full recovery. At this point most people will be frustrated to say the least but remember that positive mind frame and keep doing what you are told.



If you don’t feel satisfied at this point with how your recovery is going don’t sit back and wait be proactive. My advice would be to seek a second opinion if you are really that unhappy. I know I have done in the past and if has helped speed up my recovery time.

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You will reach a situation when you’re allowed to continue your rehabilitation by yourself and this is the point where the majority of people will go wrong. Most people at this stage go full force back to training, be it in sports or in the gym. Just because the physio or doctor has signed off on you going back does not mean you are not vulnerable to re-injury so it is time to be careful.

We have to now set our foundations again, full movement back in the body, especially in the part that has had surgery, is imperative to our full recovery (or as much movement as you can get back). Also leaving your ego at the door is a good start here.

Start slowly and build

If you try to lift, pull or push to much weight too soon you will end up injured again. Start slowly and with lighter weight work your way back up to where you were before, and in no time you will be pushing through to greater things.

I have one last point which doesn’t always seem to come first to people’s minds. Seek professional fitness help – this could be a Personal Trainer (with the right skill set of course) or it could be a sports therapist or chiropractor etc.

The reason I mention this is myself being a Personal Trainer I have helped many people recover from surgery (some very serious ones), injury and from points in their lives they thought there was no coming back from.

I myself seek professional help when my skill set or expertise doesn’t cover that area and I’m never afraid to refer someone on when I am not the right person to help. Yes this may come at an extra cost but in this day and age I don’t think I could put a price on my health and well being can you?

Each journey after surgery will be individual and can feel a lonely one, so please remember there are people that can help. If you need more help or information please don’t not hesitate to contact me!

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