We can all dream about that dream body with no intentions of doing anything about it and often give up before giving our self’s a chance to find out if we can gain it or not.

Some will use the excuse of their busy schedule and not finding enough time to exercise, whilst others will use their children as an excuse. But when you think of the deeper picture for those that blame it on timing, they seem to have enough time to watch their favourite soaps or read their favourite glossy magazine. Those with children should be promoting exercise in their daily life after all they are their children’s role models and teaching children from a young age of the importance of exercising will probably contribute in the lowering of obesity in children supposed to the vast amount of children who are not simply moving as they should instead contemplating it to steering at a screen playing video games and eating more unhealthy foods with little exercise, (not all but the majority).

When I was growing up there wasn’t no Internet, video games were available but not as much as today’s variety, instead we had the choices of Packman, Mario Brothers and Sonic The Hedgehog and to play them was a privilege.


Adding to that the rate of obesity was low in adults and children unlike today and now with the UK announcing obesity as a disability is most definitely sending the wrong the message to adults and children.

I say this as I am speaking from the heart with my last article entitled (From Fat to Fit), I worked my fat off and it certainly did not come to me over night, in-fact I adopted a healthier lifestyle and exercise more regular and I certainly did not stare at a TV screen I just went out there and earned my body, that resulted in a priceless feeling that no medication or gastric band could ever fulfill.

So if anyone is reading this particular part of my article please by no means am I doing a

Katie Hopkins and criticizing anybody’s parent skills, quiet the opposite, I am talking from experience and giving you something to think about after all statistics speak for themself’s.

So now lets put all the excuses to the side and focus on waking up 30min earlier and having your-self’s some ME time. By doing this, not only gears you up both mentally and physically but for those that have demanding lifestyle to stressful jobs will contribute in lowering the stress levels down and promoting happy endorphins (the brain feel good chemical release).

Here’s my 30min workout daily no excuse just do it routine:


5 min skipping on the spot followed by a stretch

Squat – taking the feet hip-width both toes pointing forward and reach your bum behind as if you was sitting on a low chair (knees at all time slightly bent) and make sure the knees do not come over your toes (that way you are targeting your gluts). Also notes dumbbells can be used to make it harder start

off between 10-15 depending on the person and their ability if you find this easy take it to 20 and always add 1-2 more to make it harder.

5 min Jumping Lunges

Stand with one foot forward and one leg back, both feet should be facing straight ahead. Your front foot should be flat on the ground and your knee should be bent slightly in front of your ankle in line with your shoelaces. Your back heel should rise off the ground with your toes supporting your body weight. Your torso should be vertical with your chest lifted and shoulders open and relaxed. Stand with one-foot forward and one leg back and both feet should be facing straight ahead. Your front foot should be flat on the ground and your knee should be bent slightly in front of your ankle in line with your shoelaces. Your torso should be vertical with your chest lifted and shoulders open and relaxed.

Bend both knees and lower your body weight down towards the floor, then push up explosively and jump off the ground Switching your legs in mid air and then land with your opposite feet forward and back from where your started: Note- as you land, bend both knees so as to soften the landing.

Push back up again explosively and switch your legs around back to start position. When your bend your knees, they should travel in the same direction as your middle toe. Ensure that they don’t move inwards or outwards as they bend. Aim to keep your left and right hips level horizontally and keep your chest lifted so as to avoid slumping.

5min Press-ups & Floor Sprints

If you cant do a full press-up the next best thing to target the pictorials & biceps when doing a press-up is to do a box press.

Box-press, come on all fours crossing your legs and place your arms 1 times wider than your shoulders tipping the upper torso forward and keeping elbows bent, bend the elbows more when reaching with your chest to the floor same rule applies when doing a full press-up only difference is legs are straight supporting your body weight by balancing on the tips of your toes.

(Do 10 press-ups and always add 1 extra)

Stay in the position you are keeping your arms 1x away from shoulder width extend your legs out so they are straight, alternately bring your knee to your chest with your legs one at a time speeding this action up.

Full Press-Up


Floor Sprints

2min – Knees to chest crunch

Sitting up place both knees together, bent and crossing your arms across your chest, bring the knees towards your chest repeating this.

Hold your stomach in whilst doing this action and keep the pressure off your back so you are targeting your stomach muscles.

1min- Plank

Lay on your front and place your forearms and palms flat on the floor.

Lift your chest, stomach and legs off the floor and maintain your balance between your forearms & toes keep a straight line from your shoulders, across your back to your feet holding this position for.

1min Side Plank (each side)

Lay on your side with the forearm of the bottom arm on the floor and the elbow bent so the fingers point away from you and rest your other arm on your top side keeping one foot on top of the other and raise your body up off the ground maintain a straight line from neck to feet hold.

1min Sprinting on the spot

Make the pace fast as your running on the spot raising your knees to the chest and keeping your upper torso nice and up right as well as holding your stomach in.

1min Star Jumps

Take your feet hip width and arms by the side and jump on the spot whilst widening your legs and taking your arms out above your shoulders.

Followed by a stretch

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