In Part 1 I prepped you for blasting that extra load you carry, for ridding yourself of the ‘junk’ that hangs around you like the most unwanted guest. Now here is the workout portion… 

OK, are you ready?

I certainly am.  Let’s go kill several birds with one stone!


Instruments of Junk Destruction: Dumbbells, BOSU and Hyper Gravity Belt or Weighted Vest.

Squat Thrust and Press

Four sets of 10 to 12 reps with 45-second rest breaks

We are getting this party started on the right foot from minute one.  I hold squat thrusts close to my heart because they have gotten me out of a lot of jams in the past when I needed a fierce workout with limited provisions.  A squat thrust and press is a fun variation that involves a pair of dumbbells.

This is a full body integrated exercise that also taxes your cardiovascular system.  Expect multiple muscles to be recruited and many calories to be burned.

How to:

1. Stand with your feet a litter wider than shoulder-width apart while holding dumbbells straight down in front of your body with your palms facing each other.  Lower yourself into a deep squat, place the weights on the floor inside your feet and kick your legs straight behind your body.  Land on your toes and form a straight line from your shoulders to your heels.

2. After holding for a second, snap your feet back to the starting position and stand back up as you lift the dumbbells from the floor. Continue to move the weights to shoulder-height with your palms facing forward, and proceed to press them overhead and toward each other.

Stop when the weights are about an inch apart and your arms are fully extended.  Slowly lower the dumbbells back to shoulder-height by bending your elbows, then lower them back down and repeat the entire movement.

Tips and Hints: When you kick your legs behind your body, feel free to perform a pushup.  If you go that route, do not let your hips sag and make sure to keep your abs tight.  Stop when your chest is about a fist-width from the floor, push yourself back up and proceed.

epic fat reduction workout pt.2_2

Do your first set with a light weight and get your form down before using a heavier weight.  Your goal is to increase the weight with each set, but do not let ego take over!

BOSU DB Deck Squats

Four sets of 10 to 12 reps with 45-second rest breaks.

It has come time to grab the BOSU.  In case you are unaware, a BOSU looks like a stability ball that has been cut in half.  One side is flat and the other side has an inflated, rubber dome.  Both sides of the BOSU can be used with exercises.  For deck squats, place the dome side up.

How to:

1. Stand right in front of the BOSU with your back to it, feet about hip-width apart and dumbbells in your hands at your sides. Slowly lower yourself down into a deep squat and lightly place your lower back on the dome.  Move your torso down until it is about parallel to the floor.  As you do this, move your arms behind your head and extend them out straight with your palms facing up.

2. Remember, you have dumbbells in your hands so pay attention to your form.  Pull the dumbbells back in by your shoulders and move your torso forward.  Keep the momentum going as you come to a standing position.

3. Push the dumbbells straight in front of your body with your palms facing down.  Slowly lower yourself back down, tuck the weights into your body and roll down into your next repetition.  Repeat the entire movement in a graceful motion.

Tips and Hints: Again, start off with light weights and gradually increase them as you adapt to the movement and get stronger. Also, you have the option of doing a challenging variation.

When you lower your torso and push the weights back, lift your feet from the floor and extend your legs.  Your body should be perfectly straight at this point and about parallel to the floor.  After holding for a full second, move your legs and arms back in, then stand up.

Flip Flops

Four sets of 12 to 15 reps with 45-second rest breaks.

Now we are going with an old school body weight exercise.  Flip flops activate multiple upper and lower body muscles while elevating your heart rate and improving your flexibility.  These entail a fancy yoga pose known as a backbend, wheel or upward bow, in conjunction with an advanced ab exercise.

There is no room for error  with this exercise!

How to:

1. Lie flat on your back with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor and hands also placed flat on the floor right by your ears.  Your elbows should be sticking up in the air and your fingers should be facing your shoulders at this point.

epic fat reduction workout pt.2_3

2. Lift your hips off the floor and continue moving them up while also extending your arms and legs.  Your goal is to raise your hips as high as you can while arching your back and forming a bow shape with your body.

3. Lower yourself back to the floor, then immediately perform a V-up – extend your legs up in the air, lift your shoulders off the floor and move your hands toward your feet.  Your goal is to form a “V” shape with your body.  Hold for a second, lower yourself back into the starting position and go right into another back bend.  Continue to alternate back and forth.

Tips and Hints: When you are doing your V-up, try to touch your hands to your toes and balance on your butt.  Also, be aware that we increased the rep range on this exercise.

Renegade Row with T-stand Press

Four sets of 10 to 12 reps with 45-second rest breaks.

The renegade row with T-stand press is lots of fun!  You will need a set of dumbbells to do this exercise, and complaining is not allowed.  That should be an indication to you that this exercise is challenging.

How to:

1. Place the dumbbells parallel to each other on the floor about shoulder-width apart. Carefully grab a dumbbell with each hand, fully extend your arms and move your legs together behind your body with your toes curled under. This is a plank position and you should have a straight line from your shoulders to your heels.

2. Lift the dumbbell in your right hand off the floor and tuck it in by your side.  As you do this, rotate your body so your right shoulder is facing up and left shoulder is facing down.  Press the dumbbell straight into the air and hold for a second.

3. Your body will be in a “T” shape at this point.  Slowly lower the weight down, carefully rotate over and lower the dumbbell back to the floor.  Repeat with your left side and continue to alternate back and forth in a steady but controlled motion.

Tips and Hints: When you rotate sideways, resist the urge to let your hips sag.  This will place excess stress on your spine and we don’t want that.  Keep your entire core tight to prevent this from happening.  Think in terms of maintaining a straight back throughout and this will make it easier for you.

epic fat reduction workout pt.2_7

Cossack Squats

Four sets of 10 to 12 reps with 45-second rest breaks.

Cossack squats target the quads and hamstrings, and they also do a really good job of taxing the glutes and adductors on the inside of the thighs.  I personally like to do these with a kettlebell.  If you do not have one, use a pair of dumbbells.

How to:

1. Stand with your feet in a wide stance and point your toes forward.  If you are using a kettlebell, hold it right in front of your chest with your hands on the sides of the handle and your elbows bent.  If you use dumbbells, hold them in the exact same position with your palms facing each other.

2. Lower yourself to your left side by bending your left knee and push your butt back as far as you can.  Keep your back perfectly straight as you do this and straighten your right leg.  Go as far as you can, then straighten your left leg to move yourself back to the starting position.  Repeat the exact same movement on your right side and continue to alternate back and forth.

Tips and Hints: As you lower yourself down, do not let your knee move out past your ankle or forward past your toes.  This will place way too much stress on your knee.  Also, make sure to ground the heel of your straight leg and point your toes up toward the sky.

Dumbbell Alternating Leaping Lunges

Four sets of 10 to 12 reps with 45-second rest breaks.

Lunges by themselves are buggers!  When you add explosiveness and dumbbells to the mix, things get crazy in a hurry!  I know that might sound extreme, but that’s how I roll and it’s the best way I can hammer home my point.

Aside from their intensity is the fact that they produce laser-light fast results, which is why they found their way into this workout.  Yes, they are difficult, but stick with them and they will do wonders for your body.

epic fat reduction workout pt.2_4

How to:

1. Stand with your right foot forward and left foot behind your body in a staggered stance. Hold dumbbells straight down at your sides with your palms facing in.  Keep your abs tight and back straight as you bend both knees 90 degrees.  Stop when your front thigh parallels the floor and back knee is just above the floor.

2. Quickly jump up as high as you can and switch your leg position while in the air so your left leg is now in front and right leg is behind you.  Land softly on the balls of your feet, lower yourself back down and propel yourself back up.  Switch your legs again and continue to alternate back and forth until you achieve your reps.

Tips and Hints: It is a good idea to start off with light dumbbells, until you get your form down.  When you are lunging, do not let your front knee go past your toes and do not let your back knee touch the floor.


Four sets with 30-second Dead Bugs and 30 seconds of rest.

Propellers place a lot of emphasis on the shoulders and core and they also nicely tax your cardiovascular system.  Dead Bugs specifically target the abs without any movement.

How to:

1. Place the BOSU on the floor with the dome side up.  Carefully place your toes together on the top and place your hands shoulder-width apart on the floor with your arms fully extended. Your body should now be in a plank position with a straight line from your shoulders to your heels.

2. Maintain this postural alignment as you walk yourself around in a circle like a propeller spinning.  Once you have gone all the way around to your starting point, reverse your direction and go back to your starting point again. Quickly step off, turn around and lie on your back on the dome.  This is the dead bug exercise.

3. Lift your legs, bend your knees 90 degrees and level your shins to the floor.  As you do this, lift your head up slightly so you are looking at your thighs and move your arms up in the air or straight out by the sides of your legs.  Hold this position for 30 seconds, lower yourself down and rest completely for 30 seconds.  Repeat the entire sequence three more times.

Tips and Hints: The key factor to remember with propellers is to keep your abs tightback straight and move your hands in a smooth, steady motion.  If you take all day to move your body, it will revolt with burning sensations that can ultimately cause you to fall flat on your face.  We do not condone turning your face into mashed potatoes, especially in a public establishment.

Bear Crawls

Four sets with 45-second rest breaks.

The fun thing about Bear Crawls is they are sport specific to the Dirty Girl Race, Tough Mudder and other similar races that involve obstacles.  You will need a large open room or hallway to do these.

How to:

1. Begin in a standing position with your arms at your sides.  Bend down and place your hands about shoulder-width apart on the floor.  Your body should be in about a 45-degree angle at this point.

epic fat reduction workout pt.2_5

2. Simply walk yourself forward by moving your hands and feet in an alternating motion.  When you move your right hand forward, move your left foot forward and vice versa with your opposing limbs.  Continue across an entire room or down a hallway and come back to your starting point moving backwards.  Take a rest break and repeat three more times.

Tips and Hints: If you belong to a gym, an open fitness room is a great place to do this exercise.  I used to also do them across the weight room floor.  Just be on guard for crazy looks from patrons.  It’s all good though.  You will start a trend and they too will soon be doing exactly what you’re doing because they won’t want to miss out on something.  Be the change you want to see in the world!

Crab Walks

Four sets with 45-second rest breaks.

Crab walks are easy to describe, but not so easy to perform.

How to:

1. Start in a seated position with your hands behind your butt, knees bent and feet on the floor.

2. Lift your hips up and walk yourself across the room on your hands and feet.  You are basically doing the same thing as bear crawls except in a face-up position.  Once you have gone across the entire room, crab walk back to your starting point moving in reverse.  Rest and finish your sets.

BOSU Star Jumps

Four sets of 10 to 12 reps and 45-second rest breaks.

Now we’re coming down to the wire.  BOSU star jumps are high-intensity exercises that will improve your balance, core strengthleaping ability and cardiovascular fitness. Although these are hard, they still rule!

How to:

1. Stand on the dome of the BOSU with your feet together.  Lower yourself down into a deep squat by bending your knees and move your arms in front of your shins.

epic fat reduction workout pt.2_6

2. Jump in the air as high as you can and spread your arms and legs out so your body forms an “X” shape in the air.  Quickly tuck your limbs back in, land on the dome and repeat the entire movement.

Tips and Hints: Your objective with this exercise is to “stick” the landing.  As soon as your feet touch the BOSU, make sure they stay planted while you wind up for your next jump.

You are doing fantastically so far! Keep this up and I promise the results will follow! In my concluding Part 3 we will cover Cardio and also various hints and tips to ensure this is a truly effective and meaningful experience for you!


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