Most of us are stressed all day every day in one way or another. From information overload to exercise to paying bills and relationships, we are always under some sort of catabolic stress that breaks our body down all the while draining us of energy and sending our hormones into a state of disarray. We do this to ourselves daily and not enough is being done to combat this state of catabolism.

Unless you are doing Qigong or Thai Chi daily the only things we do to create anabolism or to rebuild is sleep and eat and most us don’t sleep enough or eat the right foods.

As Paul Chek says, “just as it takes money to make money, it takes energy to make energy”. All of our body systems not only use energy, but with the right kind of exercises, they can create energy for vitality throughout your day and life.


Let’s look at breathing for example. When we breathe in, our lungs take oxygen that attach to red blood cells that are pumped around the body by the heart. This oxygen has a positive charge while the water and tissue in our body carries a negative charge. When we breathe deeply this creates an electrical charge within the body that creates energy.

Energizing exercises to beat the mid-afternoon slump-02

This is Chi or Qi. Much of this energy is used to help the muscles function and produce more energy. The same happens in the aftermath off a workout given the right nutrients and rest follows.

When we exercise muscles, those contracting muscle pushes blood out of the muscle and into the veins, returning blood to the heart and lungs. When it relaxes, it absorbs new electromagnetically charged blood from the heart along with oxygen charged, hormonal and chemical energy (from digested foods).

There are 6 different zones in the body that relate to yoga, Qigong etc. Exercising the muscles in each of these zones strategically, can deliver energy to hormonal and organ systems and help balance the body for a more productive and less stressful life. The slower you do these exercises the more chi or energy will move through your body.

In the video below you will see the exercises that relate to the zones in the chart also below. Depending on what issues you may be having is where you should focus more of your time.

Completing the program in its entirety will send you on your way to a better physical, emotional, mental and spiritual version of you. Enjoy!

Here are the muscles and their related functions:

Muscles Related function
Upper neck Sleep wake cycles
Face Hormonal/Physiological regulation
Lower neck Metabolism
Shoulder Calcium regulation
Arm/hand Electromagnetic field generator
Upper back and chest Blood pressure, immune system
Upper abdominal Digestion
Middle back Assimilation, muscles
Lower abdominal Sexual function
Lumbar Water regulation
Leg Elimination
Pelvis Adrenals
Leg Fight or flight response
Feet Bones/skeletal structure

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