WatchFit is delighted to be partnering with Elevate, the UK’s first cross sector event bringing together some of the most significant organisations and individuals to focus on the issue of tackling physical inactivity. 

An increasingly sedentary society, poor health habits, a prevalence of processed foods, static working days and activities that involve little more than being stuck in front of a television or computer screen… All of these factors and more are adding up to create serious long term health problems in society. Already obesity rates are higher than ever before and diabetes is on an alarming rise.

These are crucial issues for the long term wellbeing of our population and also the massive stresses and burdens preventable ill health and injury are putting on the health service and economy.


So here are 20 reasons why Elevate is a hugely important event.

1) Elevate is a UK first, bringing together experts and professionals from different sectors to focus on tackling physical inactivity

2) A high quality information programme boasting more than 140 speakers

3) Dame Sally Davies, Chief Medical Officer for England will be delivering an opening address on May 4.

4) The three innovative seminars on offer will revolve around the topics of exercise, health and performance

5) Listen to speakers who represent Nuffield Health, Fitness First, TFL, Freedom Leisure, Microsoft and NICE.

6) Over 4,000 sq metre of exhibition hosting more than 100 suppliers to the health, exercise and performance presenting latest products

7) The official Elevate 2016 app, as powered by bounts, will be available for you to plan your visit

8) Support is being shown from leading organisations including Public Health England, Sport England, London Sport and the Institute of Sport, Exercise and Health

9) There will be multiple networking opportunities throughout the two days, including a free to attend drinks reception at the end of the show on Wednesday, May 4


10) All aspects of the event are FREE and always will be

11) Throughout the exhibition space, you will find seven feature areas to discover including: Start Ups, Research Uncovered, Active Aquatic, Skills Pavilion, Technology Walk, Performance Path and a VIP lounge

12) Among the interactive, educational and inspiring attractions, Elevate will host a Performance Laboratory and Evidence Base presenting the latest scientific research

13) Wattbike, Matrix, TRX, Origin Fitness and Keiser will be on hand to demonstrate the latest in innovative fitness products

14) Between 3-4,000 professionals are expected to attend over the two days in May

15) Several universities, including Brunel, Loughborough and Sheffield Hallam University will be presenting the latest academic research in health, exercise and performance

16) A number of high profile sporting ambassadors will be in attendance including Olympic Swimmer Mark Foster and Olympic and World Champion Hurdler, Sally Gunnell OBE.

17) You’ll be able to experience first-hand demonstrations on advances in technology, science provision, research and sports medicine

18) There will be ample opportunity to refuel throughout the event with multiple cafes and food and beverage facilities on site

19) Live panel discussions exploring how advances in elite performance can inform and support public health will be brought to you throughout the two-day event

20) By attending you’ll be able to share your own knowledge whilst learning from others about how to encourage our nation to get more active.

And we will be there too! Register for Free at and we hope to see you there!

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