Are you having trouble with your elbows? Do they feel like a weak sport, or maybe they are giving you pain? Perhaps you just think you need more strength around the joint. 

The elbow can be a problematic joint and we often hear of ‘tennis elbow’, golfer’s elbow’ and the like and people often seem to be at a loss when it comes to dealing with this key area of the body. But I assure you there is plenty you can do to alleviate issues or strengthen to guard against problems.

5-minute routine to help strengthen all of the muscles around your elbow joint and tone up arms 


Perform these exercises with as little rest as possible between them. Perform 20- 25 repetitions on the triceps pressdowns, 15-20 repetitions on the Zottman curls and perform the forearm circuit as described.

If you feel you need even more of a boost (and have a bit more time), perform a second set of pressdowns and Zottman curls.

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So lets look in more detail at the exercises. As always when you are working out – concentrate on correct form throughout. Bad technique will not help at all and can lead to further complications

The Exercises:

– Triceps Pressdowns. On a pulley system, grab the handle with the palms facing down. Keep your elbows pinned at your side and straighten the arms, keeping the hands going straight down, not back. Your wrists straight.

Targeted – Triceps.

– Zottman Curls.  Start with your palms facing your body or facing up and your arms hanging straight down at your side. Keeping the elbows in at your side, curl your hands up to your shoulders. Twist your wrists so that your palms are facing up and towards your body at the top of the exercise (supinate). At the top rotate the palm down (pronate) and lower.

Targeted – Biceps, Brachialis and Forearms.

Forearm Circuit

1. Reverse Wrist curls supersetted w/

2. Wrist curls

Perform for 2 sets of 15 each with no rest. Don’t worry about full Range of Motion. Do everything as fast as you can!

3. Then do a set of 15 Reverse curls as fast as you can. Repeat the whole thing for 20 and 25 reps.

4. Squeeze bar for 15 sec. Remember to breath

5. Hold your hands in front of your chest with your palms facing out. Open and close your fingers as fast as you can 20 times. Turn your palms towards your body and open and close your fingers as fast as you can 20 times.

6. Pick up the bar, use your left hand to provide resistance and with your right hand rotate the bar out 10 times. Repeat with the other arm.

7. Hold your arms over your head and open and close your fingers as fast as you can 50 times

Targeted: Brachialis, Forearm extensors, Forearm flexors, Biceps.

So there we have it. The elbow is rarely a joint people think of when training and perhaps we take it all too often for granted – but certainly know all about it when we have problems. our movements and abilities become seriously impinged and our training and sporting activities are badly compromised.

And none of us wants that..!

Hope you enjoyed reading Elbow Exercise Tips

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