Like so many of the best ideas, elastic (or ‘resistance’) bands are very simple indeed. They are also a brilliant workout accessory!

Elastic bands are a very effective way to lengthen and tone. Elastic bands are rubberized bands that come in different levels of resistance according to color.

Originally used in nursing homes for older adults in developing safe exercise routines, elastic bands have grown to be used by all in the fitness world.

From those who are looking to lose weight to athletes looking to gain an edge in sports performance, elastic bands have shown to be an effective tool.

An elastic band workout is a genuinely effective addition to an exercise programme.

As with any other piece of exercise equipment it is important to know how to safely use these elastic bands specific to your own fitness goal.

In order to maintain a health it is recommended that you are physically active at least 2-3 times a week for 20-30 minutes. A well rounded exercise routine includes aerobic exercise but also some type of strength training in your regimen. Aerobic exercise is important in maintaining cardio respiratory health while strength training builds essential lean muscle in the body.


Get the most out of your workout

If you are lacking in any one of these categories you are not reaching your full potential of optimal health. Strength training should be performed at least twice a week in order to maintain and grow lean muscle.

It is important to target major muscle groups with compound movements in strength training routines. Major muscle groups include your legs, chest, back, and core. Compound exercises involve more than one joint and muscle group. Examples include squats, pull ups, and chest press.

These exercise are most beneficial for fitness goals when added to your strength training routines as opposed to isolated exercises such as bicep curls. Choose at least 2-3 exercises per muscle group completing anywhere between 6-20 reps based on intensity.

There are different types of elastic bands that are diverse but similar in their purpose. Some examples include elastic bands with handles, small and large rubber bands, and therabands.

elastic band workout_2

Elastic bands are different from other types of resistance training in that they give no resistance in the first 10-30 degrees of a particular exercise. This may be different from other types of resistance training some are accustom to such as free weights, body weights, or machines. Bands are still just as effective just provide different type of stimuli to the muscles.

There are many benefits to adding resistance bands to your strength training routine.

They are affordable, travel and store easily, adaptable to all fitness levels, add variety to your routine and are very easy to use alone.

Here is an effective full body elastic band routine sure to lengthen and tone.

Elastic Band Workout

– Sets: 3-5 Reps: 45 sec Rest: 15 sec

– Squat Row

– Chest Press

– Rows

– Monster Walk

– Squat Upright Row

– Alternating Chest Press

– Alternating Row

– Monster Walk

– Reverse Lunge/Lateral Lunge

– Chest Flys

– Reverse Flys

– Monster Walk


– Resistance Band Workout

– Sets: 3-5 Reps: 45 sec Rest: 15 sec

– Warm-up: Ladder

– Circuit

– Squat – upright row

– Standing Rows

– Standing Chest Press

– Reverse Lunges

– Chest Fly’s

– Reverse Fly’s

– Lateral Lunge

– Bicep Curls

– Triceps Extensions

– Lateral monster walk

– Supine SB pullovers

– Supine SB pull downs

– Cardio: (optional)

– Cool Down

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