The often forgotten about little brother of the (also often forgot about) Warm Up, is the Cool Down.

A cool down routine is an important part of a workout, but it is sadly something many people do not even consider.

After a hard hours’ workout, most people be like, “Peace, I’m out!” *Cue mic drop* and think nothing about stopping to let the body re-acclimatize to the world outside the gym.


What is a cool down routine?

Well, in many ways it is the opposite of the warm up. The warm up prepares the body to move, gets muscles firing, and warms the body up so muscles are pliable, decreasing chances of pulls, strains, and injuries.

Overall the warm up brings the body from a parasympathetic state to a sympathetic state. Simply put, it should bring your body from a relaxed state to a state that is ready to fight a jungle cat, which is needed if you want to crush that heavy Deadlift/Bench or completely dominate today’s circuit.

Cool down to recover

The cool down does the opposite.

It will help bring your heart rate down and bring you to a more relaxed state, which most of us need after a stressful day at work, or after hearing the kids fight for the past 15 minutes at who gets to do what.

The other big thing the cool down does is it allows the body to get into a state of recovery so that you are better prepared to take on your next workout.

The Effective Cool Down Routine

1. Deep Squat Breathing

The Deep Squat is a great way to stretch the leg muscle and the upper back while teaching you how to breathe through the back and relax.

Sit back as far as you can and as you breathe, try to press your belly into your thighs.

Do 1×5-10 Breaths.

effective cool down routine_22. 90/90 Hip Lifts

The 90/90 Hip Lift is a great way to realign the hips and activate the hamstrings and adductors. At the same time, the breathing component helps you to relax and teaches you to breathe properly.

Lay on your back and think of pushing your feet into the wall and pulling down at the same time. When you do this, you should feel your hamstrings and adductors kick in. Breathe in through your nose and feel your belly and chest rise. Have a smooth exhale and let your belly and chest fall.

Do for 1×5-10 Breathes.

effective cool down routine_33. Stretching

The Pecs and the Hip Flexors are often tight after long day of sitting at work or in the car. Stretching them will help you open up you chest and bring your pelvis back to neutral.

Hold each stretch for 30 seconds a side.

– Corner Pec Stretch 

– Heel to Butt Stretch

Make sure to brace your abs and squeeze your butt.

effective cool down routine_4Next time you train, take 5 minutes to cool down. This will help you recover much faster and add relaxation and muscle length into your life, which we all need a little more of.

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