I believe this to be a fun and productive process. 1 great part about using dynamic tension exercises to tone and build muscle is that you do not have to do the exact same thing to achieve that goal.

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You should get bands from bodylastics.com. With bands you are able to challenge your body without using or spending a lot of money on a lot of equipment.

Use those bands for your upper and lower body. The more you stretch these bands the more resistance you will have. Constant tension to help you achieve your goal(s). They provide you with information on how to use bands. If you want more sign up with me.

The heavier the resistance for any program or resistance you use you should move slower due to the amount of resistance and to prevent injury.

The liter the resistance you can move faster. Make sure you know how to use each set of equipment properly. Do not do the same program for lengthy periods of time.  When your muscles are used to what you are doing you are less likely to progress or plateau.

Dynamic tension exercises: how to use them for intensified muscle build & tone_2


Similar to bands. Different challenge than dumbbells and barbells.

There is more balance involved which activates more muscle activity than many people are used to. As the bands with cables you can use cables at the gym for the dynamic tension you need to tone and build muscle whether adding or decreasing size.


Many movements that can be utilized to utilize dynamic tension to tone your body and build muscle. Push-up, pull up, squat, lunge, jumping jax, handstand variations and others to provide dynamic tension to tone and build muscle.

Totalgym.com, val slides fromperformbetter.com, power wheel performbetter.com, jungle gymperformbetter.com. You do not need all of these, just suggestions that I recommend and use myself and for my clients.

Workouts with others can help challenge you and get or keep you motivated. Adding muscle increases your metabolism and interval training helps you do more in less time.

With interval training you sprint as fast as you can for 10 seconds, rest 50 seconds then repeat 8-12 times.

The great thing about intervals is that you can change the time periods; 30 seconds as fast as you can and 30 seconds rest, 45 seconds on 15 seconds rest, just do not rest too long and by rest that means slow down not stop. Instead of long, slow, boring cardio do intervals.

You will feel it faster and there will be no denying how or why it works for those that do it without slowing down for too long or stopping.

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