Fast approaching with February almost coming to an end not long the spring period is coming up and before you blink your eyes it’s summer.

The panic kicks in and the thought of not having that long coat that looks like a coat version of a quilt covering your body, instead you are faced with the thought of exposure of your body and the parts you dis-like and just that thought makes you feel on a downer.

But stop and be honest to yourself is this a deja vu that occurs time after time, year in and out?


My point I am getting at, what have you really done about it to eliminate this thought and issue permanently?

Which brings me to the next statement being an inevitable choice, the classic quick fix solution and mass products steering you in the face promising you that bikini looking body in just under a month, I think not, do you?

Let’s be honest, because deep down you know that answer and solution has clearly not worked after all you wouldn’t be feeling this way further more reading my article for answers.

I would never kid anyone by saying i’ts real easy in loosing weight and maintaining it, but the feeling and buzz knowing you have worked at this to achieve the body you want is priceless, how do I know because I have been there myself once weighing 15 stones so I can talk the talk and the best but I am not lying to you.

In- fact I am that confident on this subject that I am giving you the best advice you will ever get.

For some dropping a dress size is easy and for some not so easy, neither to say that it can’t be achieved because it can, follow my 8 steps listed below and try it for yourself and really stick to these guidelines for lasting results.

I will not kid you by saying you will look like a Victoria secret model in 90 days, like some products representing quick fix solution do, but it’s an essential guide that will keep you looking and maintaining your best form unlike quick fix solution that results in making you look older than you actually are and fact being they can’t guarantee this but can in quick weight loss.

I bet you have never looked at it like that?

My 8 suggestions to the road of dropping a dress size:

1. It’s true what they say, changing your body starts within your kitchen:

Start by looking into your fridge and your cupboards, do you have a lot of processed foods, chocolates, crisps to fizzy drinks and is your fridge stocked with fruit and vegetables, fresh fish or is it a fridge pilled with fatty deserts and cakes?

You know the old saying out with the old and in with the new, you are in control of what is in your fridge so start packing up on the goodness and stop consuming too much lard.

2. Keep a food diary and monitor what you’re eating, is it a great way and a reflection of what you are eating.

With busy schedules we loose concept of what we eat, usually resulting to the first available food, sometimes can be healthy and sometimes not so healthy.

3. Drinking-plenty of water

It is a great way of flushing out unwanted toxin build-ups in the body as well as preventing yourself from dehydrated and the best solution over fizzy drink to concentrated juices with both being filled with sugar apart from water.

Drop a dress size easily with this 8-step guide2

4. Exercise is just as important

Doing this just once a week and for some never, is not the one, you’re not only slowing your metabolism the rate which your food is burned.

This also leads to fatigue and a lack of endorphin release (natural feel good chemicals of the brain) most likely depending on eating habits if not good resulting to extra weight been gained as well as depression.

5. No excuses – if you want to do something you will do it

Keep saying to yourself that you don’t have time to prepare fresh nourished foods, when all you got to do is invest in some plastic tapper wear (pound shop, best bet and cheap too).

Let’s face it if you have time to come home and watch television you got time to prepare food to take with you to work the next day fact.

6. Say goodbye to those greasy take-ways

Limit them to once a month/ some would argue by saying have a cheat meal once a week is the one, though the only problem is for some once a week becomes everyday, so the idea is to train the body and mind that these foods are not required opting for the healthier option.

7. Cutting down on alcohol

Opt for a glass of red-wine 2 being your limit once a week, even better cut it out completely, ask yourself do you really need it?

8. Healthy omega-3 fats can help you lose weight.                                                                                     

Fat from linseed, walnuts, mackerel and sardines help produce fat-burning enzyme known as PPAR-alpha- (more information please Google), which also slows down fat storage.

Just one more thing, if you’re loosing too much weight to quickly, it’s not about the chances it will stay if , quiet the opposite is double, so treat you, your body and your mind as a investment not a victim of yoyo quick fix diets.

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