When I think about fitness these days I seldom think of the music industry. But increasingly we see people adopting lifestyles and habits from these stars. Recently there has been a massive influx of youngsters to dance classes and it’s all due to the move we have all come accustom to calling the “twerk” or “twerking”.

Classes and instructors specialising in this move are on the rise, but so are our youngsters health and well being. To say this move is to every parent’s delight would not be true, but what it is doing is offering another approach to getting younger generations out of the house and into an active lifestyle. Miley Cyrus making this move famous at the VMAs (video music awards) and Rihanna using the move in music videos has grabbed the imagination of people and whether they know it or not, it got them exercising.

For me it’s not important what gets you moving, but just that it’s got you started. As a trainer some of my clients male and female love dance classes and twerking plays its part in making it accessible to everyone and every age group. It’s not a move that requires much more than willingness to try it out and even better than that, it’s a bit of fun, too. Guys may be reading this and thinking I wouldn’t try that, but google “wife catches husband twerking”, and you will soon realise it’s something guys do, just maybe not in public. Even the great Bruce Lee learned ballroom dancing and accredited it to his success as a martial artist!


In summary, I’m not in agreement with the likes of Miley Cyrus and Rihanna when it comes to values, but it has offered a unique way of introducing dance-based exercise back to the population and that is something I’m all for. For all the instructors and trainers out there, twerking away keep it up and educate the masses on how exercise and twerking go hand in hand.

Turn the music up!

does twerk out fitness work

Here is a quick no nonsense twerking workout for anyone to try

First try a hamstring stretch and let’s see how flexible you are. Remember to keep your back straight and not to curve as you reach down.

Now you have reached position, let’s begin.

Try tensing the glute muscles to the beat of your chosen song – let’s go for 20 repetitions with the beat.

Let’s remember that songs have fast and slow portions, so try doing this to fast and slower songs for more muscle activation.

Now let’s get those knees straightened out, push back one leg at a time, and let’s try 20 per leg and then 20 with both legs. Don’t worry if it’s hard eventually your flexibility will come back!

Stay in position, try keeping a straight back, bring your head up look forward and stretch down with your arms trying to reach the ground. Release after a few seconds and try again, go for 20 more repetitions trying to add a little more stretch each time.

Last time now back in position and let’s try reach down the shin towards the foot. If your flexibility is good enough, aim for the floor on the outside of the foot as a challenge. Alternate legs for 20 repetitions each leg. Again, try to stretch further each time to increase your flexibility.

Now it’s time to throw on the Miley Cyrus VMAs video and do the workout along to the song blurred lines. Burn some calories and have a bit of fun! Isn’t that what fitness should be about?

(image credit: devianart)

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