WatchFit is delighted to be bringing you a series of articles, pictures and films that we know you will find captivating…

A real-time full term pregnancy journey and post birth ‘body recovery’ by a leading international fitness trainer.

Dubai based Derryn Brown-Pereira is a winner of Shape Magazine’s PT of the Year Award and has a superb record of delivering remarkable results for her clients as well as being the absolute image of health and fitness herself.


Pregnancy Week by Week

Over the coming months Derryn will be using the WatchFit platforms to document in detail her pregnancy week by week; what she is eating, how she is training, how the body is changing, what adjustments are made, how she is feeling, what works and what doesn’t!

It will all be documented for you in a thorough monthly round-up feature and images as well as film clips by Derryn that we will be posting.

Derryn is a wonderful fitness professional and the Crossfit level 1 & 2 coach is a truly inspiring lady.

We are thrilled she is inviting us all along to share this amazing journey and to learn from her, in real time, some of the most open, honest and immediate information possible. Let’s kick things off as we asked Derryn a few questions about her WatchFit Pregnancy Series…

The first and most obvious question is why?

It is one of life’s most natural and significant phases, as old as life itself, yet there still seems to be so much conflicting information and grey areas!

For example it was not very long ago – in my lifetime – that all physical stresses and strains during pregnancy, such as reasonable intensity exercise, was seen as a complete no no.

However we now know this to be wrong.

This is my second pregnancy and I know exactly what I did wrong the first time and I am looking forward to making those corrections on this occasion, learning through the process and passing it on.

And you feel you can bring a different approach?


Of course there are loads of people who have produced pregnancy books, DVDs and TV shows, but these are invariably after the event and condensed into a kind of ‘edited highlights’ package.

By documenting my whole journey in words, films and pictures, people are going to get the genuine article – the ups, the downs, how I approach my training, my food, my supplements, my work and perhaps quite a bit about my mental state!

derryn brown qa_2It will be entirely honest so that – ladies, you can take away as much information as possible to perhaps help you during these amazing nine months.

And men – well, you’ll just get a really good idea of what this is all about and hopefully it is helpful insight when you are building up to that magic moment of fatherhood.

So what can we look forward to?

Plenty! I will be keeping a detailed daily log of what I am up to and what is going on. This will then form a monthly overview feature complete with training pictures and matters relating to my food and supplements.

I will also be shooting film as I go and making little presentations to camera that will be shared on the WatchFit platform on an on-going basis with various other tips and bits of news. I am going to be taking exactly the same three pictures of myself, front, side and back, wearing the same bikini and standing in the same place.

Month by month this will provide a very definite illustration of body shape change.

And I will continue this through the process of regaining pre-pregnancy shape. So there will be no hiding!

Keep an eye out for my workout and diet plans

And in the longer term I will be developing workout and diet plans for the entire duration of a pregnancy and also a detailed programme for getting back in shape after giving birth. These will be available to download here through WatchFit.

They will be absolutely created from all my experiences over the coming months that people will have been able to follow with me.

So these programmes will be 100% experience based and the effects and results will be there for all to see.

This is a genuinely rare opportunity for people to tune in to follow a full and honest pregnancy process, and the fact it is being experienced and presented by a top health and fitness expert just makes the prospect even more fascinating.

We know this will be of huge interest to people and will no doubt gather a great following! Thank you so much!

I can’t wait to share this experience and am so excited at the prospect of being able to provide 100% real life information that might help a great number of people!

So keep coming back every month to follow Derryn’s journey and also look out for the regular clips and posts on WatchFit social media!

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