Following her recent update of her fitness, health and pregnancy in terms of diet, supplements and a stretching routine, here award winning trainer and CrossFit instructor Derryn Brown delivers a great workout that she’s using.

My workouts have been continuing nicely and, at this stage I’m not really having to make any adjustments and can continue pretty much as normal.

However, we must always listen to our body of course. That is good advice at any time – but particularly so when pregnant and in these early stages.


So here is a Combination Workout which I use to great effect

Repeat the entire sequence three times:

Core climbers

In the plank position on your hands, bring one foot in towards the chest, pause and then alternate legs, this is a slow and controlled movement don’t rush it. Make sure your hands stay beneath your shoulders at all times. Perform 20 reps alternating.

Plank hold on elbows

(holding for 30 seconds) at this stage of the pregnancy it’s still perfect to do, later on when your stomach gets really big we will modify the plank to the knees.

Plank on hands – hip abductions

In the plank position on your hands, perform hip abductions out to the side remaining level and without too much twisting of the hips. 15 reps on each side

Side plank hold

Perform a side plank hold, placing one foot over the other, one arm straight up in the air and the other arm firmly on the mat. Hold for 20 seconds each side.

Plank on hands – leg extensions

Plank position on your hands, perform a leg extension, bring your one leg upwards towards the sky while keeping it straight at all time. Perform 15 reps on each side.

Starting with the core exercises first:

Push ups x10 reps.

Starting in the plank position on your hands, slightly rotate your shoulders Externally, so that when you lower yourself down, your arms are going closer to the body as opposed to elbows right out to the sides.

Bent over rows with Kettlebell

Leaning over with your back straight and glutes sticking back and out, row the KB upwards bringing your arm up next to your chest, perform 5 reps on each side and then switch again for another 5 reps on each side.

Reverse lunges into forward kick (can hold for support) 

Perform a reverse lunge- stepping back and getting low down with your back knee, step back forward and straight into a forward kick. Perform 15 reps on the one side before moving on to the next side.

Air squats no jump:

Normal air Squats- start with feet hip width apart, lower down and break parallel pushing your knees outwards at the bottom of the squat. Come straight back up again. Perform 15 reps

Single leg deadlifts into high knee

Standing with one knee up and arms straight above head, leaning forward with your arms while extending your opposite leg bringing it upwards towards the sky. Important to maintain a flat back at all times during the movement. Repeat 10 reps on each side.

This is also a slow and controlled move, don’t rush it. Focus on your form.

So this is a great mix of exercises you can perform any time, including well into your pregnancy. The combination of these targets key areas of the body and you can perform them to an intensity that suits your level.

There is plenty more to come from Derryn over the rest of her pregnancy and beyond as she gets back into athletic shape. Stay tuned! 

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