So here we go… Here’s the first part of my pregnancy journey. I’ll be sharing each step of the way with you and there will be no hiding!

I will be logging my activities and food intake every day, and each month I will share with you a comprehensive overview of what I have been doing with my training and my nutritional intake, as well as any other aspects impacted by this, my second pregnancy.

I learned quite a bit from my first pregnancy and made quite a few mistakes so I’m looking forward to taking that learning process and sharing all of this with you. It will be totally candid and honest and I will aim to give you the most valuable real-time information possible through words, pictures and film. Also look out for clips throughout the month on WatchFit social media!


All of this will also give you and entirely authentic view of what is still possible in training terms as pregnancy advances. Adjustments are made of course, but we don’t have to wrap up in cotton wool!

First things first… Body shape at 10 weeks – below. And every month I will provide exactly the same posed images and we’ll be able to see the physical changes as they become more evident.

Progression photos – 10 weeks

derryn brown 10 weeks pregnancy journey_2Food diary

My folic acid every morning
Vitamin/mineral (whole food supplement – no synthetics)

derryn brown 10 weeks pregnancy journey_3

Breakfast: oats, or scramble eggs on whole grain toast, sometimes just whole grain toast with organic natural peanut butter (no added sugars or junk)

Snack: piece of fruit or a smoothie. Lean95 shake.

derryn brown 10 weeks pregnancy journey_4

Lunch: leftover dinners or tuna salad. My cravings these past few weeks have been pickle onions and gerkins. So I sometimes have some cheese on healthy crackers with the pickled onions and gherkins 🙂

Snack: some nuts

Dinner: veggies, with carbs and protein and a side salad.

Here are two pictures of my meals…

Homemade cottage pie with side salad and pumpkin

Derryn Brown pregnancy journey_5

Tuna salad with brown rice

Derryn Brown pregnancy journey_6

Changes in appetite

With my first pregnancy I went completely off sweet stuff, chocolates etc. and now I am experiencing the same thing again – off the chocolates. This pregnancy I am extremely nauseous but if I keep up my exercising every day and snack often then it seems to help.

I also need to make sure I drink enough water each day just to flush the system and help with the headaches.


My training consists of Crossfit. I train every morning at 6am and then on some days if I feel tired I give it a skip and do something light in the afternoon at home.

It’s important to always listen to your body when you are pregnant.

At this point no changes need to be made with regards to what exercises you can do, all you need to monitor is how you feeling during your training and make sure you get ample rest between your sets.

Derryn Brown 10 weeks pregnancy_2Exercises

Clap Push ups: Advanced Move
Start in the push up position on your hands, go down into a push up and push yourself back up off the ground and clap. For the less advanced, just perform a regular push up. If you are a beginner, you can perform the push up on your knees.

Handstand Push ups: Advanced Move
Go up into a handstand against the wall, slowly lower your head towards the mat, bring your knees towards your chest and kick them back upwards as you push yourself up and extend your arms straight and locked out, use your hips to really propel yourself upwards. For the less advanced, you can start this move on a box with your feet on a box and your head vertical to the ground.

Burpee into Tuck Jump: Advanced Move
Perform a regular burpee, chest to the floor, jump your feet inwards and stand up and jump into a tuck jump bring your knees up towards your chest. For the less advanced, just perform a regular burpee without the tuck jump.

Jumping Squats:
Stand with feet hip width apart, go down into a squat, make sure your knees break parallel, as you come back upwards jump off the ground. For the less advanced, just perform the squat without the jump.

Kettle Bell Snatch: Advanced Move
Always start with a straight back as you lean over and pick the kettle bell up (make sure you start light at first to get comfortable with the technique).

Use your hips to get the kettle up and overhead, make sure you turn your hand around the kettle and not the kettle bell around your hand otherwise you will slap the kettle on your wrist everytime. The best thing to do with this exercise is to watch as many videos as you can and just keep practicing. For less advanced people and people who have not done much kettle work, i would start with just using a dumbbell first.

That is the first installment. Please come back every month to check on my latest progress and always keep an eye out for more material on WatchFit social media. I’m so excited to have you along for the journey!

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