“All of life is wrapped up in the requirements, efforts and eventualities of sport, there are so many important, practical and positive lessons to be learned as well as wonderful health benefits to be gained.

“Like most people from my sporting background I have despaired at the decline in sports participation and facilities in schools over the years, but it isn’t all bad and things are getting better. It’s just a shame that it takes directives and initiatives when in years gone by it just seemed to be the norm.

The 2012 Olympics could only have been a massive positive in this regard. It was an unqualified success and exceeded even the most positive expectations. There might still be some grumblers but what possible negative effect can it have on upcoming generations of our children? Absolutely none as far as I’m concerned, it can only uplift and inspire.”


Post athletics Daley has played professional football, maintained his long association with Adidas and taken his training and motivational skills around the world and into different fields from corporate scenarios to the famously gruelling environments of Australian Rules Football.

But Daley remains as passionate about working with non athletes,  first time exercisers and the de-conditioned too. For several years he has been co-running Adventure Boot Camps with WatchFit Contributing Expert Kate Staples and together they have also founded Daley Thompson Athletics Academies for schools.

Kate will be familiar to millions as ‘Zodiac’ from the classic era of Gladiators and she also competed as a GB pole vaulter and set over 50 domestic and Commonwealth benchmarks for others to follow. A double neck break in 1997 put an end to Gladiators and pole vaulting, but it opened up a new chapter and her journey to full recovery and fitness is something Kate continues to use as motivation and inspiration.

She and Daley make a stimulating and energising team who have built a business and a team around them that delivers a fun, engaging, results based series of camps nationally and internationally. Whether it is women only, school children, Kate and Daley have dedicated packages and programmes that deliver the ideal messages and activities to their specific groups.

And as you’d suspect Daley is not one for delegating the work. Despite assembling an elite team of trainers, both he and Kate can been seen in parks  at 7am working with people who might not have a sporting bone in their body, or in school playgrounds creating an exciting and vibrant environment whilst delivering important lifelong messages.

Kate said, “Daley was winning gold medals when the parents of these children were kids  but his achievements were such that they only need to be told what he has done and they are awestruck.

He’s a natural with kids and has any audience eating out of the palm of his hand very quickly. His enthusiasm is infectious and his belief in bringing better levels of health, fitness, activity and confidence to people is immense. He is just as happy talking to a hall of school kids or a dozen middle-aged first time exercisers outside on a winters morning  as he is addressing the International Olympic Committee or a leading sports academy.”

Of course Daley keeps himself finely tuned and fit. As he himself says, “It doesn’t matter what I did 30 years ago, if I look like a tired couch potato these days how can I expect anybody to listen to me – particularly the kids”.

“It might not be the 350 days a year six and seven days a week 5-7 hours a day any more but that is what it took the reach the pinnacle in athletics. However I still carry the good habits of those days, the desire to get active when it might be easier to put my feet up with a cup of tea and the genuine enjoyment and buzz doing so. And also the body has a great memory when it comes to those good habits. If you put in the effort your body will continue to respond and reward you many years into the future – all of which increased your quality of life.”

And he’ll certainly never be stuck for a place to workout now that he’s opened his own gym – ‘Daley Fitness’ in Putney, London! www.daleyfitness.com

For more about Daley’s work with Kate Staples,  Adventure Boot Camps and Daley’s Athletics Academy visit – www.fitnesscamp.co.uk  &  www.daleysacademy.co.uk 

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