How many times have you gone to bed thinking about the next day? Not in an overthinking, worrisome way but in a “tomorrow’s going to be great, I got this” kind of way…

And then BOOM, tomorrow comes and it’s so far from fabulous, it’s practically knocking on the door of ‘total devastation and mass destruction’.

You oversleep, the train is delayed, you’re late for your breakfast meeting, and whilst rushing to make it before the boss arrives, your homemade salad makes a bid for freedom and decides to explore the inside of your bag. Oh, and it’s raining. But it’s OK, you have an umbrella. Oh no, wait. You left it on the delayed train.


Welcome to your day, we hope you enjoy the ride.

Now you can’t control the weather (no one should step on Mother Nature’s toes – remember when it rained men last time? Total health hazard and a mess to clean up), but you definitely can control how victorious your day will be; it isn’t just down to Lady Luck.

To help you, we looked at and indeed borrowed a few things from the daily routines of successful people to pass on to you (sadly, this doesn’t include the contents of their wallets). Learning these life hacks and tweaking your own routine accordingly, will have you winning at life day in, day out regardless of any torrential downpour.

The night before

1) Visualise – Picture the tomorrow you want. Mentally identify what a successful day will look like to you. This will program your brain to be more goal-focused.

2) Go to bed at a set time – Not too late and not too early. Going to bed at a set time will allow the body to wind down and rest which is conducive to a good night’s sleep.

In the morning

1) Meditate – Yes even those top-level professionals take some time out in the morning to centre themselves and allow their minds to be fully present. Doing so is the first step in managing your day, rather than it managing you.

2) Exercise – An early morning workout increases your focus; your body has woken up and is full of feel-good hormones making you feel ready to face your next challenge.

During the day

1) Tidy desk, tidy mind – Whether you work from home, the office or a shared space, ensure that the only things around you are the things you need to complete that day’s tasks (no, chocolate doesn’t count as necessary). Being surrounded by ‘things’ will make you feel overwhelmed, so spend some time each day sorting and filing.

2) Write a ‘To Do’ list and prioritise – Begin by accepting that you can’t do everything in one day – this is constructive realism. Instead, write a list of everything you have to do and number them in order of priority. Then do them! It really is that simple. But whatever you do, do not put off the big jobs in favour of small ones, you’ll be amazed how you’ll never get round to them.

3) Don’t Multitask – Studies have shown that the more tasks you do at once, the less likely you are to do them well. Successful people do not cut corners.

4) Take a lunch break – It is natural for your mind to wander and energy levels to dip. Getting outside will help, even if you can only spare 15 minutes, stretch, walk and get some fresh air. This will increase the oxygen in your blood making you feel more alert and able to tackle the afternoon ahead.

daily routine of successful peopleIn the evening

1) Reflect – At the end of the day, look back over it and consider whether it matched the ‘mind map’ you had created the previous evening. If it did, great, if not, note where you went wrong and how you could have done it differently.

2) Note you accomplishments – Acknowledge what you have done well and mentally reward yourself. Positive reinforcement will ensure that you continue being productive each day. It will eventually become second nature.

3) Visualise the next day – Back to step one. Sleep, eat, repeat.


You only get out what you put in. And, it’s probably helpful to have a spare umbrella.


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