Being a trainer is a way of life

Being a Trainer is more than just a career choice for me; it is a way of life.

The people I work with and have the ability to impact on, give my professional and personal life meaning and fullness. If you ask any client I work with today, all would say something positive about me and the work we do together to get them in the best shape possible.


It wasn’t always like this though!

In the beginning I lacked some fundamentals, and to be candid, I sucked. The more clients I’ve worked with, the more I’ve seen the tell-tale signs they like me and what we’re doing in the gym.

So I thought I’d share that experience and knowledge to all the trainers out there that want to know if their clients are truly happy with the level of service they’re getting.

How to tell if they like you

There are a few things that can tell me if a client I’m working with is really liking my style and level of training. Two major giveaways are body language and tone of voice.

1. Reading body language

In a post on LifeHacker by Eric Ravenscraft, several cues give signs as to how well received you are by whoever you are interacting with.

Dead giveaways are:

– how often your client smiles when you’re together,

– how engaged are your clients?

– how eager they are to work out?

– their level of attentiveness towards you.

Ravenscraft mentions the importance of reading a person’s “baseline” – basically understanding their overall level of attitude and recognizing when something is off with them.

I can say from experience I know my clients are happy with my level of work when they talk about me to their friends, they text me and tell me we had a great workout, they schedule and book sessions with me in advance, and they’re just in the moment with the workout.

2. Tone of voice

Another way to read your clients and whether or not they’re happy with your work is from their tone of voice.

When I’m with my clients, especially new clients, I listen to their tone when interacting because the voice tells me a lot about about how they feel in regards to our training relationship.

Do they sound happy, energetic or excited?

Those tones tell me a lot about whether or not they’re really happy with our workouts or they’re just trying to get through their package.

customer satisfaction_23. Topic of conversation

One last, but obvious sign in reading your clients is what they talk about with you during their sessions.

Are they really letting you into their life? Or are they keeping everything straight to the point with you? Do they really have conversations with you or only speak when spoken to? Some of these are clues that’ll tell you if your client is into your training style or they just want to get as close to what they came for and dodge.

They’re just not that into your training

On the flip side of this, I’ve worked with clients that just weren’t into what I had to offer and that is OK.

Not every client you meet will like you and that’s just a fact of life; not everyone is going to like us or our training techniques for whatever reason, so don’t take it personally.

If you’re trying to guage if clients don’t like your training style, I think it’s a lot easier to tell and can say from first hand experience what that looks like.

Different training styles

Clients that don’t like to be confrontational for whatever reason will avoid telling you directly they want to work with someone else and we as Fitness Professionals have to be sensitive to those needs.

Recently, I was working with a client after her main Trainer moved across country. She saw me at the gym a few times and wanted to give me a shot. After a few sessions, I felt a sense that our relationship dynamic was off and wouldn’t work: I would eventually be right. Within 3-4 months of us working together, she all of a sudden stopped contacting me to schedule appointments. And a few months later, started working with another Trainer.

Again, nothing personal for me as I’m very busy with clients, but these things happen and it’s just a reality of the business.

When clients avoid scheduling a session with you especially after an initial training session will definitely let you know that you lost them and your training style didn’t appeal to them.

If they make up excuses to not train with you is a great clue that your training approach is not for them.

Where do I go from here?

If you’re worried about whether or not your clients like your training style and you’re worried about losing them, I find it best to just ask them a few questions about how they feel about the training style and what, if anything that want changed.

This has been a great way of guaging what needs to be modified and changed if it’s in my professional skill sets and it’s a less confrontational way of asking clients if they’re happy with their service.

If you know a Fitness Professional who is curious if their clients are happy with their training, share this post with them. You just might help them keep a client.

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