Let’s face it, when it comes to the fitness industry, there’s never any lack of imagination involved.

Fitness trends come and go, and if you plan on reading up on what next years hottest trends will be, it’s best to assume that writers like myself are basing it on their wide experience in the field and what’s trending on Twitter.

However, what I will say is that I bet there a lot of fitness sessions out there that many of you may not have looked at, or dismissed as being not for you – without giving it a bash.


So with that in mind, here’s a snap shot of some of the more autre fitness sessions that will be around this year and you might fancy having a go at them…

Ballet fitness classes

These are springing up in select boutique fitness studios all over the country. The mix of ballet techniques and core stability exercise, is a winning combination, and clients looking for a dance based session that won’t burst your eardrums, are loving this form of workout.

Grace, elegance and beauty are all invoked by the ballet fitness session, and the demograph is amazing. Classes are attended by a huge cross section of people as the flowing and mercurial stances can be embraced by everyone.

I’m assured that although down tempo, the workout will leave you exhausted and challenged.

Much like Classical Pilates, the accent here is on form and composure, and moving through the positions requires skill,balance and strength making for an incredible exercise experience.

Embrace your inner Jedi: Light Sabre workouts!

At the other end of the spectrum, and jumping on the Star Wars marketing bandwagon, you may find yourself drawn to the Light Sabre workout next year.

crazy fitness_2These themed classes will introduce you to working out with a replica Light Sabre straight from the popular movie franchise.

You work on your own using the neon sword as a weight, and once you have mastered the basic techniques, you can spar with a partner just like a scene from the film.

I suppose it was only a matter of time before sci-fi nerd culture and the fitness industry merged in some shape or form, and if I could find a class near me, I would definitely give it a go!

Aqua fitness

Aqua fitness classes have been around for a long time. Deep water aerobics is an incredibly difficult activity, and is often used in rehabilitation of injuries.

Pushing against the water with floats, using the water as resistance and moving forward and backwards at speed all combine to make a fantastic full body workout, but have you ever tried using a stationary exercise bike while submerged in the pool?

These select sessions are a real twist on your conventional biking class, and really adds a new element to cycling. With the bike submerged, you don’t need your resistance changer, as the water itself provides you with everything you need.

Yoga in the air

Just like with any aqua class, there is no impact on joints making it ideal for those of you who can’t work at high intensity on solid ground.

On a similar theme, if you really don’t like being on the ground at all, you could always check out your nearest aerial yoga class. 

Again, the emphasis here is placed on poise, core and balance, as you perform your poses while suspended from the ceiling in a flowing hammock of sturdy cloth.

crazy fitness_3Don’t be surprised to find yourself hanging upside down in the lotus position, praying that your hammock has been properly attached.

Clients at these sessions love the feeling of detachment induced by the floating sensation, and find they can focus and concentrate at an increased rate.

I’m afraid I might spend a lot of the time worried about falling out of my hammock, but perhaps it’s something you might enjoy.

Parkour – the urban Ninja workout

Finally for the more actively minded, have you ever thought about taking up Parkour as a form of exercise?

Already the ancient art of moving between two points using whatever is in the way as apparatus, has captured the imagination of the general public.

You need only watch any action movie these days and chances are in a foot chase you will see a little Parkour on display.

crazy fitness_4

The practitioners of Parkour are amazing talented individuals that defy the laws of physics with their gymnastic prowess, however beginner classes for the novice are on offer, and it’s a workout you wouldn’t believe.

Learn how to vault your way A to B, using basic gymnastic moves and concentrating on your core and muscular strength and endurance.
As an outside fitness activity, Parkour is an incredible and thrilling activity and the people I have met in this community are committed. patient and eager to share their skills.

It requires concentration and determination, but even to spend time up close and watching the experts is worth the price of admission on it’s own.

My skill level didn’t amount to much more than vaulting a small stone wall, but as far as workouts go, it is challenging and demanding – in my mind I felt like an urban ninja!

So why not try something a little different  in 2016 and see if it ignites a new passion for fitness inside you.

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