It is getting cold and it’s time to warm up and tone up… And what better way to do that than through fun and effective exercise with your partner!

Exercise – it releases endorphins, makes you happy, keeps you fit, healthy and functioning at your best. But now that it’s getting colder and we move ever closer to the indulgencies of the festive season, it can be so easy for our resolve to loosen. And when that happens our waistband starts to tighten.

To avoid the cold and the flab, we asked three of our Experts to contribute one of their favourite exercises that couples could enjoy together – having fun, motivating, encouraging and keeping warm! 


Kevin Rail – Couples Pull Up

“The man lies flat on his back on the floor with his legs together and feet pointing straight up.  The woman straddles the man’s shoulders with her feet and grasps his ankles with her hands.  She will be in a plank-like position at this point.

The woman carefully lifts one leg at a time over top of the guy’s chest. 

As she does this, the man will grab hold of her lower legs by her ankles and fully extend his arms.   Now the female is hovering above the man in a plank position with her hands on his lower legs and the man has his hands on her lower legs.

The female now bends her elbows and lowers herself down as the guy bends his elbows.  Once the woman’s elbows are bent 90 degrees and the guy’s elbows are by his sides, the woman will push herself back up as the man fully extends his arms.  They will now be back to the starting position.  Repeat for a series of reps which you can build up over time.

For a variation, the man can do a full sit-up as soon as he fully extends his arms.”

Jim Cleveland – Couples Plank

couples workout_2
The couple with assume a prone push-up position, opposite/across from each other with their heads lined up.

The couple will start out by grabbing each others right hand, then they will take turns (back and fourth) pulling the persons arm towards them while retracting their shoulder blade. Basically, it would resemble a sawing motion.  After a designated amount of repetitions they would switch arms and do another set.  They can do 2 to 3 sets based on their goals!”

Chris Cooper – Anti-Rotation Exercise

“My partner exercise is a half kneeling exercise in which each partner faces the other with the arms outstretched in front at chest level.

Kneeling at a distance so just the back of the hands can touch, both partners work cooperatively to push the other to the side, thus acting like an anti-rotation exercise. “Battling” for 20-30 seconds is a good amount of time before switching directions.” 

There may well be quite a strengh differenctial so this has to be born in mind and allowed for but you can work that out and both people will benefit from what is a properly effective exercise.

We hope you heat things up and keep warm and well this winter with these couples exercises. 

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