Fitness magazine cover model, Shape magazine’s ‘Best PT in Dubai’ and sprinter Derryn Brown, puts together a simple bodyweight, do anywhere workout with a twist (isometric workouts). And it’ll get you in great shape!

It is a natural part of the fitness industry and the fitness world that people spend much time and energy in seeking the ideal gadget, gizmo or piece of kit that will accelerate their progress towards the boddy beautiful. And as a result millions are poured into inventing, researching and developing such items before further millions get behind the marketing push to assure you that you have now found the very item you’ve been searching for. But the truth is we spend every waking and sleeping second with the best bit of equipment of all – Us! Some people get bored being on their own, others rejoice in their own company. Well, depending on your perspective you can either take yourself into a focused and insular workout or make body weight exercises your best friend. Either way you get a great workout!

The workout

Warm up: Skip, jog on the spot, do butt kicks, high knees, walking lunges and arm swings and so on for around 10 minutes. Then perform some mobility work with some dynamic stretches for another 10 minutes.

The twist

You’ll have probably performed most of these exercises before, but have you also done them with an isometric element too? A number require you to hold the end position for the exercise after you have performed the isotonic (moving) part. So, after 30 seconds of press-ups you hold a plank for 30 seconds. This little twist, or should I say test (!), will make you work that much harder.

1. Press-ups to Plank

Press-ups for 30 seconds and then hold at the top in the plank position for 30 seconds. Derryn Brown_No cost workout with a twist_1

2. Squat +isometric hold

Squat for 30 seconds and then hold at the bottom of the squat for 30 seconds (this can be done against a wall). Advanced exercisers can do jump squats. Derryn Brown_No cost workout with a twist_2

3. Triceps Dips with isometric hold

Do triceps dips for 30 seconds and then hold the contraction at the top of the move for 30 seconds. Derryn Brown_No cost workout with a twist_3

4.  Ab Crunches with isometric hold

Crunch for 30 seconds and then hold in the contraction phase for 30 seconds. really squeeze your abs. Derryn Brown_No cost workout with a twist_4

5. Burpees and Plank

Do burpees for 30 seconds and then hold in the plank on hands for 30 seconds. Maintain a straight body position in the plank, no sagging! Derryn Brown_No cost workout with a twist_5

6. Jumping Lunge and wall sit

Jump lunge for 30 seconds and then wall sit for 30 seconds. Make your ground contacts light and sharp for the jumping lunges. Derryn Brown_No cost workout with a twist_6

7. Mountain Climbers and Plank

Do mountain climbers for 30 seconds and then hold in the plank position for 30 seconds. Piston your legs backwards and forwards and then brace and hold the plank. Derryn Brown_No cost workout with a twist_7 Complete 5 rounds of each exercise before moving onto the next one, resting 20 seconds between. I hope you are able to build this fundamentally simple and practical routine into your general ftness programme and routines. It is easy to apply, requires no more than yourself, a few minutes and a genuine desire to improve your fitness, tone and strength. There really is no excuse. And if you do apply this workout as I have set out here I can assure you there will be meaningful benefits!

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