Including fundamental core training in your workouts is the most important thing you can do for body. Here’s why. First let’s define the core. Webster’s dictionary defines the word ‘core’ as: “the centre of anything; the most important part.”

The National Academy of Sports Medicine defines the core as: “the lumbo pelvic hip complex.” Sue Hitzmann, creator of The MELT Method, defines the NeuroCore in her book, The MELT Method, as: “the mechanism responsible for whole body stabilization and grounding.” All Pilates exercises initiate from the core or from what is termed the “powerhouse.”

The core really is the centre of it all, where all movement originates, and where all of our power comes from. Therefore, core work and core training are so much more than doing all those crunches in hopes of a six pack set of abs.

When the core does not function properly, is weak or imbalanced, all of our movement becomes compensated.

Movement that is compensated creates stress that accumulates in the body’s connective tissue system and shows up as neck and low back pain, poor posture, stiffness, inflammation, limited mobility, digestive problems, and fatigue. Yes, all that from a weak core. Some of the best fundamental core work is done through the mind/breath/body connection.

Why core training2

The diaphragm is not just a muscle of respiration. It stabilizes the spine and the entire body as well as stimulates all the other organ systems through its expansion and contraction.

With mindful inhalation and exhalation work, tension and stress is released through the breath as you open up the expression of your diaphragm.

Bring your awareness to your breath in your next workout and connect it to your movement. To strengthen one’s core, think beyond outside appearance. It’s not enough to target just the superficial abs.

Choose exercises that work into the mechanism that provides whole body stability including the deepest muscles of the spine and pelvis.

Classical Pilates targets all of that and is designed to strengthen through movement, always initiating from the “powerhouse.” The MELT Method rebalances the NeuroCore and the body’s autopilot.

It releases accumulated stress and tension and rehydrates important connective tissue which allows for total body stabilization.

Optimal mobility and overall performance come from a core that is strong and responsive. Therefore, to improve everything else you do for your body, lay the foundation with smart core training workouts.

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