As I alluded to in Part 1, knowledge of the core is perhaps not what it might be and as a result there are plenty of misconceptions on the subject.

The fitness world is full of misunderstandings, half truths and downright fiction and matters of the core are certainly no different. In fact, there are perhaps more myths about this body part than any other.

There are maybe a couple of factors to this. One is that most people, male and female, absolutely covet that washboard stomach. Flat and honed to magazine cover perfection (let’s not go on about photoshop here, that can wait for another article!). The other is that product developers and marketing executives are more than aware of this and ahead of the game.
That is why there are so many products, so many claims and promises, so much pseudo science banded around that all these misconceptions and rather woolly knowledge are compounded.

So let’s take a look at some of the facts and fiction surrounding The Core and core strength

Abs are made in the kitchen

You may have heard this phrase before and for good reason…it is A FACT! Diet is absolutely key to gaining the abdominals you want. More important in fact than specific localised exercise. Get your diet right and your ab goals will follow!

Spot reduction

Here’s another phrase you may have heard of, and when you did I hope you dismissed it because IT IS A MYTH!

It is a lovely idea and one that millions of people hold on to, but it is a forlorn hope. The core is definitely no different to any other part of the body – by hammering it specifically you will not blast away the fat from that specific area. Fat is acquired randomly and generally and that is how it will be removed.

A flat stomach will be achieved by eating properly and exercising. A ton of ab exercises will certainly strengthen your mid-section, and that is great, but they won’t blast away unwanted fat from that region.


Daily Core Workouts

Like the rest of our body, rest is key to gains. 100’s of crunches every day and intense abdominal exercises on a continuous basis is another MYTH!

Infrequent, intense exercise along with rest and recovery is what the body responds to. People have a habit of training their core quite vigorously every day, even if they split all their other major body parts into different days of the week. This makes no sense!

High Reps is the Answer

Another MYTH! Keeping the intensity high and the reps somewhere below 20 is the way forward. If you are ploughing ever onwards passed 20 repetitions you really are not doing much more than wasting your time.

Keep reps lower and intensity higher!

As mentioned previously, if you get your diet right and you are exercising consistently and with good intensity, then your abs will follow and that strong, great looking mid-section will be yours.

Core strength is key to so much of how we look and how we function, it is worth getting right!

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