Multi-tasking is essential nowadays to keep up with the fast pace demands that are placed upon us, and compound workouts are no exception to the rule if you want to not only get results, but get them in a significantly shorter period of time.

Multi-function exercises, also known as compound workouts involve working multiple body parts at the same time, which increases the metabolic demand, resulting in a more efficient workout in a shorter period of time. Workouts can take a lot of time.

However, compound workouts take less time to multi task your way into a significantly more efficient workout to maximize your results.


Following are some of my favorite compound exercises to rev up your metabolism to a SEXY new you!

Push-up with Hamstring Curl:

As you descend into a push-up position, flex your right knee joint to a 90 degree angle. During ascension, straighten your leg out. Perform 10 repetitions on each leg, or alternate legs for 20 repetitions.

Variation: Add ankle weights for added intensity.

This compound workout targets hamstrings, core, shoulders, chest, back and triceps.


Push-up with Hop Out:

Descend into a push-up position; when ascending to starting point, hop both feet out as far as you are able. Repeat for 10-15 repetitions.

Variation: Add an ankle band for added intensity.

This compound workout targets Gluteus, core, shoulders, chest, back and triceps.

Squat with Biceps Curl:

Assume a squatting position with feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart and feet slightly externally rotated. With dumb bells, or a barbell, descend into a squatting position as you curl the weight upward. Slowly lower the weight while rising. Repeat for 10-15 repetitions.

Variation: Add a hop before descending into squat position.

Great compound workout targets Gluteus, legs, core, biceps and shoulders.

Plank with 1 Arm Triceps Extension with a Twist:

Assume a plank position with dumb bell in right hand. Elbow is tight against your side flexed at 90 degrees. Extend right arm back to a straight line, then twist wrist inwards so palm faces ceiling. Hold for 1 second, then return to starting position. Perform 10 repetitions, then repeat on other side.

Important note: Make sure your hips are facing directly towards the ground, and not moving upwards during execution of exercise.

Excellent compound workout targeting triceps, core, upper body endurance and focus!

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Dumb bell rows in Squat Position:

Compound workout 2

With dumb bells in hand, arms straight, position yourself into a half squat position, leaning forward with hips extended back and slight arch in back. Keeping elbows close to your sides, lift the dumb bells, flexing your elbow joints, extending slightly past your mid-section. Lower dumb bells to starting position and repeat for 15 repetitions.

Variation: Start with feet together in a squat, with arms fully extended. Step to the right, then row upwards; bring feet together as you lower dumb bells. Step to the left, then row upwards. Repeat for 12-20 repetitions.

Doubling this compound workout with the cardio effect due to the isometric squat positioning. AWESOME!!

Squat Jump with Medicine Ball Throw to Sprint:

With a medicine ball placed at chest level, arms extended to the sides, squat down as low as possible, then explode upwards into a squat jump, while at the same time throwing the medicine ball forward with explosive power. Land back into a squat position, then sprint forward to medicine ball, pick it up and repeat for 30-60 yards.

Awesome compound workout focusing on plyometric movements that target overall body endurance, chest, shoulders, triceps, core, and lower extremities.

Farmers Walk:

Pick up two heavy dumb bells that you are able to carry for the distance of a basketball court (~31 yards). Set the weights down and rest for a few minutes, then repeat. This exercise is more difficult than it appears.

Superior compound exercise targeting core, upper and lower body endurance!

Unassisted Sit-Up with Punch to opposite side:

Lye down with legs at 90 degrees, feet placed on ground, unassisted. Hold one dumb bell in each hand (3-10 pounds each) against your chest. As you raise your upper body into a sit-up position, punch your right hand to the left side of your body; Lower your body back to starting position, then repeat on opposite side.Alternate punches for a total of 20 repetitions.

Excellent compound workout engaging upper body endurance, chest, shoulders, and total core with emphasis on oblique’s!

Compound exercises work multiple muscle groups in half the time of traditional isolated exercises, while accelerating the metabolic demand that will push you closer to your desired results in a significantly shorter period of time. In addition, compound exercises are very functional, which equates to a more mobile vehicle to move you confidently through life as you age gracefully.

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