Circuit training is an incredibly effective tool to add to your fitness tool belt. Programs involving this style of training provide tremendous benefits including: time efficiency, increasing strength, increasing metabolic demand, burning fat and improving cardiovascular pulmonary endurance.

Circuit training is not a one size fits all approach as workouts can be tailored to meet your specific health and fitness goals. As the body conditions, circuit training will allow you to take your fitness to another level.

Exercise is absolutely necessary to one’s health, however the time needed to complete the task is often minimal. If the lack of time to work out has been your reason to not exercise, then the efficiency of circuit training becomes even more important! A quality workout can be completed in thirty minutes.


A circuit is defined as two or more exercises that are completed in sequential order with a rest period only once the circuit is complete.

The goal of your daily routine is to complete 8-10 exercises in the allotted time.

Due to the high amount of work being completed in a short space of time, circuit training will increase metabolic demand and therefore rev up caloric expenditure.

Depending on how many exercises are within your circuit, the number of sets, reps, and rest between sets, you are creating a catalyst to expend a high number of calories.

Thanks to this demanding exercise routine, your body is in position to burn fat as an energy source instead of carbohydrates. Adding full body movements such as squats, walking lunges, plyometrics and push-ups into your circuits will create strong metabolic demand too.

Another great benefit of circuit training is muscular strength gain. The physiological stress on your body during the workout provides the central nervous system with the necessary “shock” that allows the body to increase your strength.

Central nervous system “shock” is the result of completing the exercises in your circuit in sequential order with no rest.

The exercise induced stress creates physiological adaptation resulting in stronger motor unit recruitment or strength gain.

In order to achieve the strength gain, your circuits should have three to four exercises, with a repetition range from 8-12, and the resistance is a weight you can comfortably complete for 10-12 repetitions of 3-4 sets and 45 seconds of recovery between sets.

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Muscular endurance is obtainable when adding circuit training to your workout regimen. This is often referred to as “toning”.

High repetitions (12-20 reps) and light weights (less than 65% of your 1 rep max) with a rest time of thirty seconds between sets of 3 or more exercises is a basic formula to achieve this fitness goal.

It is important not to add plyometrics to this style of circuit training, due to high repetitions and the unnecessary impact on the joints. Muscular endurance is important to any fitness enthusiast from those who complete 5k’s, marathons, skiing or golf.

Circuit training is vital to your exercise program and to achieving your fitness goals. The workouts can be easily adapted to increase metabolic intensity, muscular strength and endurance gains as well tone up in the process.

Even if you have a busy lifestyle, circuit training is incredibly efficient with time management. What more can you ask for?

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