Once the holidays pass we are hopefully left with lovely memories. Unfortunately we’re often left with more than that…in kilograms!

We’ve indulged in foods and drinks we typically only consume over the festive season, and we need a plan to not only kick off the new year strong, but to get back on track in general.


Bring on the post-Christmas workout plan!

There are numerous strategies you could take to reel it in and re-focus on your health as we head into 2017, but let’s lay out a plan that’s not only going to work for you, but is also realistic (and not extreme – so you can feel good when you actually follow it!). And because your nutrition goes hand-in-hand with your exercise routine, I’ve included a few nutrition tips to make sure you succeed!

STEP 1 – Get rid of the junk

The easiest way to stop indulging in high calorie, high fat and sugary foods is to get them out of sight. If they’re not within arm’s reach, chances are you won’t consume them. While these foods taste great, they do a horrible job of a few key things…

They fail to keep you full and satisfied, they spike blood sugar, they actually increase your cravings for ‘junk,’ and they provide little value in the way of nutrition. The sooner you can get junk out of the house, the better.

STEP 2 – Load up on the good stuff

Stock your fridge and cabinets with lean proteins, veggies, fruits and whole grains with good fiber content. Allow your focus to be on wholesome, lean foods to clean up your insides and get your nutrition back on track.

Think simple. Think colorful. Think variety. And think lots of it. The good thing about these types of foods is you can consume more of them and their nutrition will only help you feel more energized, lighter, more confident and even stronger throughout your workouts.

STEP 3 – Get your fitness on

Here’s the real-deal post-Christmas workout plan! you need to get back on track and kick some tail as we move through January. An important piece of this plan is to consider what you have already been doing in the last couple months. If the answer is ‘nothing,’ you need to work up to all six days slowly. If you’ve been working out three or more times per week regularly for months, you can probably stand to kick it up a notch and push yourself. 

Remember this is a competition within yourself… and however you decide to push yourself needs to work within your schedule for you to stick with it!

Christmas workout plan _1


5-minute cardio warm-up (run, walk, jump rope, etc)
3 rounds:

10x Push-ups

15x Squats

20x Supermans
5-minute Jump Rope intervals (No rope? Pretend!)

0 – 1:00 both feet

1 – 1:30 right foot only

1:30 – 2 left foot only

2 – 3:00 both feet

3 – 3:30 double-hop (slows it down)

3:30 – 4 quick as you can

4:00 – 5 both feet
Repeat your push-ups, squats, supermans and jump rope intervals as many times as you can in the time you have available.


1-minute Low plank hold

1-minute Superman hold

1-minute Jumping jacks
3 rounds, 30 seconds each exercise:

High plank shoulder taps (right hand taps left shoulder, alternate)

Squat Jumps


Sumo Squat Jumps

Pushup + Row (after each push-up, row each arm along your rib cage as squeeze your back muscle)

Quick feet

High knees
Repeat sequence for any many rounds as you have time for.


5-minute cardio warm-up of your choice
10-minute run / jog / incline walk / power walk
100x Jumping Jacks

10x Inchworm Push-ups

15x Plank to Squat (from plank, jump feet in wide to squat, bring hands off floor & stay low in squat… repeat by lowering hands and jumping/stepping back to plank)

20x Superman + Row
Repeat circuit from jumping jacks to superman + row for as many round as you have time for.


1-minute Low plank hold

1-minute Superman hold

1-minute Jump rope
Do 5 reps of each exercise. Then go back through and do 10 reps of each. On your third time through, do 15 reps of each. If you have time, see if you can do 20 and 25 reps of each exercise as you go through your 4th and 5th round of this circuit.

1. Push-ups with alternating knee-taps (push-up, then tap your opposite hand to knee as you hold plank)

2. Burpee (chest to ground)

3. Superman lifts

4. Lunge jumps (or squat jumps)

5. High plank knee-ins

6. Sumo squat + leg check (sumo squat & as you stand, bring a knee to meet the inside of your elbow as you ‘crunch’ your knee to your ribs and work through your oblique)


5-minute cardio warm-up (your choice)
1-minute Low Plank hold

1-minute Bicycle crunches

1-minute Low plank alternating knee-taps

1-minute V-ups

1-minute Jump Rope
Repeat as many times as you can in the time you have allotted.


15-minutes your choice cardio

15-minutes stretch

For another post-Christmas workout plan with guided instruction and 15-minute workouts that you can follow along with me, try my 15-Minute Workout Series here! There is a plan to follow Monday-Friday.

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