Do you have a mini goal for Christmas?

I certainly do – I am off on holiday for New year (can’t wait!) and in the winter it is hard to be beach body ready so I am upping my game of trying new exercises and ensuring discipline for my food/alcohol choices…..we are all fighting a battle so indeed you are not alone.


Find a training class

Exercise-wise, I am shaking up my usual fitness schedule.

I enjoy group exercise sessions and my favorite class, Cardio 40, is something I take part in every week. However, to compliment the 40 minute cardio session, I have taken on a strength training session too.

I was lucky enough to find a brilliant no-nonsense weights based class, that as well as using kettlebells, utilizes Dyna Bands and hand weights.

This kind of training has changed dramatically the way I normally work out, and my body is really reacting to the sharp change in my fitness structure.

Perhaps this is something that you could look at too?

Have a look at what kind of training you are currently doing, and then identify what you aren’t!

If you can’t find a class nearby that suits your needs, don’t worry, there are plenty of articles on Watchfit that will point you in the right direction.

Cold weather affecting what we eat

Now we know that training is half the battle, the other half is what we are eating, and in the Winter months our bodies can crave stodgy and starchy food that makes us feel warmer and more secure.

While hurricane Abigail has been raging, the weather has forced many of us indoors, and if we believe what they say in the news, the worse weather is yet to come.

Here are my mini goals to keep you fit and healthy

Sitting indoors binge-watching Game of Thrones season 1 -5 may be a great way to spend the Winter but you may find yourself reaching for tasty snacks and drinks to get you through the unfolding trauma onscreen.

It’s hard over the holidays to avoid that kind of snacking but you can use my christmas health tips to get you through safely

1. Start a goals chart on a “Lifestyle Aims board”

Keep your goals short and have daily and weekly ambitions.

Set time to dedicate and think about a healthier future by marking mile posts – make sure they are achievable

today I will avoid sugar

tonight  I will have no carbs

this weekend I will have no alcohol

this week I will lose at least a pound

..these small milestones will all help you stay focused and in control.

2. Exercise

Earn your snack.

Try a 10 minute tabata work out or time yourself for 10 minutes doing squats or jogging on the spot – walking up and down the stairs..etc.

Again these small exercise challenges can be recorded every day.

You will find that every time you want a tasty treat, you will have worked for it.

woman doing stretching3. Distraction

If you find yourself thinking about food that  you know you could really do without, think of something that you have always wanted to do that can distract you – is there anything which comes to mind?

Perhaps you could get a little paperwork done, or catch up on your e mails to friends you haven’t heard of for a while.

What about starting that book you always wanted to read, do a chapter every time you find yourself bored and looking for snacks.

Drink a large glass of water, brush your teeth and chew gum – a quick tummy trick and this will help keep your mind off unhealthy foods.

Often we only think we are hungry!

4. Cooking

Prepare meals in advance use your food craving to prepare foods through the week – I tell you there is not a better feeling in the world than having 10 tupperware tubs all prepped and ready to go.

Freeze what you can and keep the food healthy. Often cooking can take away the craving for eating.

Snack on healthier foods.

If you fancy crisps cut some lovely carrots and enjoy the crunchiness that you are craving.

Haribo? Forget it, why not have some cranberries or raisins instead?.

Chocolate? Treat yourself to 2-3 squares of dark chocolate – it’s not the end of the world and the bitterness and slight sugar sensation will take away the need for more.

So make this Winter the first time that you have planned and controlled what you do over the holidays, instead of letting the holidays control you, and remember, a goal is a great way of keeping you on the right track. And when you reach your goal feeling great, it will spur you on through the rest of the year.

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