Make the right choice post workout…

Chocolate milk post workout  is a good solid choice. It might sound like a drink for kids but it is actually better than the popular sugary drinks like Gatorade which are more commonly associated with training, toil and sweat.

Why? Because chocolate milk contains a mix of both fast and slow releasing proteins, which is absolutely essential to recovery and maximizing lean muscle gains. How it is able to do this is through chocolate milk’s naturally occurring sugar [lactose] which is half glucose. Added to this is its protein content which speeds up the glycogen synthesis in the body and allows for the electrolyte ratio [like potassium and sodium] to further rehydrate you.

The extra sugar found within chocolate milk helps to provide more carbohydrates to be stored for energy. This means chocolate milk post workout is an authentically decent choice and definitely not just the preserve of excited 8-year-olds!

It is especially an excellent  choice for those who are in training for an endurance event, performing high intensity interval training, or are performing an activity that is longer and more intense in duration. This is because a typical low-fat chocolate milk has roughly four times more carbohydrates than protein, which is a perfect ratio to rapidly replenish muscle glycogen stores.

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So, if you are performing an intense, prolonged activity and you feel that you are running out of glycogen and “hitting the wall” [a sudden physically debilitating condition often referred to by marathon runners ] then chocolate milk would be an essential supplement post workout due to the crucial need to restore your body’s glycogen reserves fairly quickly following an endurance or high intensity workout.

When chocolate milk isn’t the right choice…

However, for the sake of balance and accuracy, I must say that choclate milk is not the appropriate source at all times – sorry to say that to all you chocolate fans who thought they might have just discovered the best excuse ever! If you aren’t running marathons, cycling competitively for hours, or performing rigorous high intensity interval training the need for a recovery beverage like chocolate milk really isn’t necessary or important because you’re not burning that much glycogen.

At this stage it is just an indulgence and that is not what post workout recoveries ar all about!  And if you’re taking that brisk walk or jog to lose weight, then it is never going to be wise, in fact it will be counter-productive, to add that extra 170 or so calories in a cup of chocolate milk. No doubt you won’t want to be de-railing your efforts and stalling your progress by taking on any additrional and unnecessary calories and this stage!

Remember there is a time and a place for the truly effective post workout chocolate milk ingestion.  The bottom line is when it comes to drinking chocolate milk post workout, only do so if you’ve been undertaking prolonged, intense exercise on successive days or more than one strenuous workout on the same day. Otherwise, you don’t really need to drink chocolate milk post workout to recover – you are just adding extra calories into your diet.

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