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I am back with you and especially excited to touch on this particular topic I have today! I have written a few articles talking about fat burning, explosive exercise, and high intensity training.

They are all interrelated and personally they are my favorite training methods to use for my clients and myself! So, I am very excited now to talk about what is probably the best way to train for high amounts of fat loss…. That is cardiovascular weight training.


You may have heard of H.I.I.T training, which is high intensity interval training.

This refers to the overall concept of training in timed periods of high effort switched on and off with periods of lower effort levels to push the body and its metabolism. And the changing of effort levels is commonly done through pace or speed change…

Well a specific version of this method is called Anaerobic H.I.I.T training, where those same high effort periods are fused with moderate weight or resistance to take the intensity to another level.

Anaerobic H.I.I.T is the most effective way to burn fat because it is the toughest challenge, but with that intensity comes responsibility to structure and sequence things correctly so you don’t burn out and over work yourself. Here’s how…

1.) Generally your high intensity:low intensity time ratio should be 2/3 to 1… For example, a 2 minute jog followed by 1 minute of Kettlebell swings…

cardio weight training_2

You can shorten the intervals depending on your fitness also. Like, 1 minute jog and 30 seconds of swings. Or additionally even make the ratio larger and go 1 1/2 minute jog followed by the 30 seconds of swings…

2.) Within the format of high intensity to low intensity on and off interval switching, you want to incorporate the weights in the faster paced high intensity segment and then slow down with just a body weight movement for the low intensity segment.

Or, just rest completely if your fitness level is not yet there to do back to back exercises…

3) Any type of exercise that uses weights requires fairly short work periods and routine rest or lower intensity periods because the anaerobic element of how much you are working the muscles causes much more quick fatigue in them than pure cardio.

Jogging, jumping rope, etc… This of course fits well with the concept of interval training.

But make sure you treat the duration and rest timing of the weighted exercises similar to a normal set of ordinary weight lifting. In other words, don’t try to do them for minutes at a time like you would if you were just jogging or biking. Stay with 30 sec to 1 min high intensity periods.

4) Counting your intervals and grouping a certain number of them into blocks of larger time, is an easy way to organize what you are doing and give yourself a target or goal to judge your performance.

For example that 1 minute jog followed by 30 seconds of Kettlebell Swings, is one interval that takes a minute and a half… Doing them twice each consecutively takes 3 minutes, and doing them ten times each produces a 15 minute block of continuous activity.

Start with the 15 minutes or 9,12 whatever, and build to 30 minutes! It’s the duration that provides the cardio and the weights that provide the increased fat burn intensity… They work together.

5) Do not choose too heavy of a weight for the high intensity segments. Even though these segments should be shorter than the lower intensity ones, you still need to use weights light enough for you to move with for up to 1 minute.

Good high intensity exercises to do

Burpees with a medicine ball
Squat jumps
Explosive Pushups
Med Ball Slams
Squat Thrusts with Plank single arm rows at the bottom
Kettlebell Swings
Squat Thrusts with bicep curls/shoulder presses or both at top
Battling rope training
Glider exercises in high planks
Mountain Climbers
Low to high plank up downs
Any combinations of between Squat thrusts, plank glider exercises, pushups

So here you have it folks!

Use this and get going! This is a very tough way to train so like always start small and build. But be sure to have fun and be creative and challenging with what movements you choose to plug in…

I look forward to hearing from you all on your thoughts on this topic and any of my others. Let me know how you’re doing! Train hard and well!

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