This workout is designed to get the blood pumping, heart racing and the body working!

Cardio is an important part of fitness but cardio routines are often avoided or not performed effectively. If you are training for a long distance endurance event then it may be advisable to do long stints on the treadmill, however, for those who are time poor, looking to lose weight or improve on their current fitness, short training sessions are super effective!

Short sessions doesn’t mean easy though!


They are designed to be intense, with minimal to no rest. The aim is to keep your body moving for a whole 30 minutes and keep your body working hard! These sessions also have the added bonus of calorie burning even after the workout is done.

This workout is done in a circuit format, which is done twice through. Each station takes between 2 minutes to 4 minutes, meaning the total workout without rest is 28 minutes, leaving enough time for a rest between circuits or a cool down period at the end.

Station 1: Skipping (2 mins)

Two minutes of skipping is set to warm you up quickly! The aim is to skip consistently for the entire two minutes. Whether jumping with both feet or one at a time, become as fast as you can in that 2 minutes!

Challenge yourself to set a benchmark, a minimum amount of skips or aim to hit a minute without missing a beat. This challenges your concentration, reflexes and skill so skipping is no child’s play!

Station 2: Treadmill Hill Climb (2 mins)

The next part is a hill climb. Setting the treadmill at level 7 incline, this part of the workout is about using those quads and hamstrings to push you through a 2-minute hill climb. There is more emphasis on power through the legs and less emphasis on your speed at this point.

cardio power workout_2

Station 3: Step Ups (2 mins)

This is the ultimate speed and coordination challenge after the hill climb. There is no time to rest or slow down! Your aim is to keep your heart rate up and your legs moving for the entire 2 minutes. This will be testing your ability to push your legs after that hill climb!

Station 4: Spin Bike Intervals (4 mins)

It’s time to test your speed! Jump onto the bike and get set for some interval training.

This interval consists of 1 minute of seated pedalling followed by a 30 second sprint whilst standing. Turn the resistance up by 4 rotations for the standing intervals and use your quads to push through that 30-second hill sprint!

If you do have any knee issues then stay seated and pedal as fast as you can for that 30 seconds! This is the longest leg of the circuit so get through this and you are nearly there!

Station 5: Toe Taps (2 mins)

Keeping your heart rate up and keeping the pressure on those legs, toe taps are a great way to get the blood pumping. Using a step box, 45 seconds doing toe taps with 15 seconds break. Aim to find a rhythm and maintain that for the 45 seconds.

Station 6: Rower Dash (2 mins)

Jump on the rower machine; strap your feet in row as fast as you can for the last 2 minutes of the circuit. Push off with your feet with your arms following through and maintain a fast pace the whole way through!

This last 2 minutes is the time to give it everything you have and finish the workout out strongly!

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