Ever considered cardio Kickboxing?

To some just the word Kick-Boxing they automatically associate the sport as you having a black eye to a bloody noise, in fact, is the opposite.

Cardio Kick-Boxing does not involve full contact, devising its movements of kicks and punches promises to give you a sweat.


Note: some classes use pads and gloves and depending on the level of the class, some instructors might let you spar only if they have a head guard and of course be insured to do so, either the case do not be put off by trying such a class.

OK we have a fair good idea of what cardio kick-Boxing is, but just how beneficial is it to fat loss?

Here are my 8 reasons:

1. Cardio kick-boxing not only gives you a good cardio workout, its also a form of interval training, which basically involves alternating periods of high-intensity effort with periods of low-intensity effort, which is called the recovery– for cardio kick- boxing, this takes effect when for example: 2×10 side kicks on each leg, then you stop and do another high intensity movement so on.

In general interval training has proven to be effective at burning fat, also reducing the risks of diabetes type 2, and stroke in an individual.

2. Cardio Kick-Boxing is great at toning the tummy area as well as the sides of the tummy to some known as the love handles, correct name being oblique’s.

Especially when performing side kicks on the spot the core is used to stabilize the movement, so when kicking to the side you are working the front and sides of the tummy at the same time.

Cardio Kickboxing to fat loss_2

3. If incorporating pad & gloves, is great when punching and kicking for toning especially the arms & legs areas, also releasing natural endorphins (the healthy positive chemical released from the brain), resulting to you being more positive and happier in general, regarding if you are working resting or play.

4. Though cardio Kick-Boxing principles are to get you fit, some instructors teach technique as well as defending one self, for example: movements like using your arms to push away someone trying to grab hold of you and knowing how to kick with your leg again to get away act as a form of self defence.

5. Cardio Kick –Boxing is great at reducing stress levels in the body and making one more focussed both in mind and in body.

Scientific research still dated till now support this with many taking this hobby up have ended up reducing their anti-depressant dose, to not needing to take them at all, and I can certainly vouch this to be spot on from my own experiences from years back, I took up Boxing and I have never looked back let alone needed medication.

6. Cardio Kick-Boxing, can also boost ones self esteem and make one feel confident, lets face it it’s a sexy to know how to kick butt.

7. Cardio Kick-Boxing also help improves your endurance and your speed mechanically in your body resulting to better reactions receptors from the brain.

8. Cardo Kick-Boxing also helps with coordination, for example: changing directions with feet then kicking ad punching, challenges your coordination receptors from the brain (the rate to react) making them more efficient and quicker at responding.

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