Sex. One of the most natural (and pleasurable) ways to exercise! But do sex and weight loss go together?

It’s also one that requires no expenditure! The term “healthy sexual appetite” is never more apt, as it really can help you work up an appetite! Research has revealed sex is only a moderately intense exercise, but is certainly more enjoyable than pounding away on a treadmill or cross-trainer.

Sex has been credited for many health benefits over the years, but unfortunately they are not all scientifically proven. Having sex with a loving partner can be fun, exciting, sensual, stress relieving, a great workout and great for revving up your heart rate!


During sex you will also release lots of ‘endorphins’, also known as ‘happy chemicals’. Endorphins are a set of neurotransmitters formed in the body that help to lower stress, boost self esteem and may help keep your immune system healthy.

They can also help you to relax, so you can become drowsy and sleepy. Two chemicals released are Prolactin and Oxytocin. Prolactin is one such chemical that relaxes you after orgasm and makes you feel at peace and comfortable, putting you in a good state of mind.

Oxytocin is another one that gets released during sex and is known as the ‘cuddling hormone’, as it can make you feel connected to your partner, forming more of an emotional bond. This hormone has also been found to to be a promising weight loss supplement, as it helps to suppress the appetite.

Sex as an exercise and can it help you to lose weight

This is a question that has been raised by many trainers and fitness advocates. The problem is, there are lots of variables, things like, how vigorous the sex is and how long the sex lasts. It has been estimated that an hour’s worth of sexual activity burns around 100 calories with climaxing adding a further 50 calories alone! First thing in the morning may certainly be better than late at night after a heavy meal.

Can sex help you to lose weight?

Let’s bear in mind that calories burnt are relative to the body. A fit person with lots of muscles may burn more. Someone, who is not fit and without muscles may burn less. Bottom line is that if you’re engaging in sex that is passionate and vigorous and ramping up your heart rate as well as satisfying you emotionally, then it’s certainly an activity you can use to your advantage. It’s like having a mini workout, but far more pleasurable!


Depending on the number of sexual positions you engage in will depend on the number of muscles you use. For example, you can use your hip flexors, buttocks, thighs, lower and upper back, arms, core and abs! The more you use, the more you can burn.

If you’re basing your calorie expenditure on sex alone, you won’t reach your weight loss goals anytime soon. You’ll burn far more calories lifting weights and engaging in resistance exercises! If you were to engage in sex every day, you’d probably only lose a 1-2 pounds a month which isn’t a lot over the course of a year!

So when it comes to sex and weight loss, the results cannot be dramatic but will you have more fun, enjoyment and enjoy greater well being!

To your health & longevity!


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